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    In light of the FIA’s stupid (in my opinion) proposals to cap costs, double points at the final race, and use permanent driver numbers (possibly a good idea, not sure, but surely the smallest change), here are my suggestions.

    1. To increase overtaking-bigger wheels, I just checked and the IndyCar series runs on 15 inch wheels, and they don’t look any worse that some of the F1 cars we have seen recently. Also, decrease aero grip by taking the wheelbases and wings back to the 2 meter standard but limiting the number of cascade elements and their height on the front wing and bringing the back wing down practically to the tires so it has less downforce because of bigger wheels and more air turbulence. This will increase overtaking by reducing the reliance on aero grip and allowing mechanical grip to have more influence.

    2. To bring costs down-put some price caps on what teams are charged at races for thingas like hospitality rooms and so on. Divide up the money a little more equally, still according to points, but say each team gets a guaranteed $1 million for showing up at each race. I believe they used to call this show-up money. As a bonus, it gives the teams a little income throughout the season. Also, fewer flyaway races, I am an American and love having a race or two here in my country that I can watch live, but I will continue to record them and watch them even at three in the morning if I have to, meanwhile see if there are older tracks that would be suitable without requiring everyone to fly halfway around the world. Some are fine, who wouldn’t want Suzuka or Canada or Interlagos to be on the calendar? But why is there no French Grand Prix? Wouldn’t it be awesome to see F1 on the Le Mans circuit?

    To keep engine costs from skyrocketing, try this, keep reducing the number of engines allowed every year and limit the costs that manufacturers can charge to teams, keep it enough that the manufacturers will keep development going, but not enough to seriously handicap a team.

    So, what do you think? Should the FIA hire me as a consultant or throw me in the nearest asylum?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I vote for the asylum – the ideas might sound good on paper, but the FIA will need the team’s to agree to it, and if the teams feel that any change will rob them of any perceived advantage (no matter how slight), they will shoot it down without so much as a second thought.



    1. Sack FIA
    2. Hire new FIA



    I agree, and then kick adrian newey out of the sport and replace him with with a slightly worse engineer at Red Bull, just to spice things up



    Have its fans realise it should be a sport, not entertainment, and make them tone down their incessant demand for ‘excitement’. This is what has lead to DRS, the tyres and everything else, and to past rule changes to mitigate winners’ advantages. You will have races such as the 1978 Argentine GP, or 1979 French GP, the 2005 Malaysian GP or 2005 Japanese GP; they are all worth the exact same and it is baffling how the FIA has been striving to shoehorn elements to artificially recreate the required circumstances for extraordinary races. Even if they had succeeded with less tacked-on solutions, the absolute purpose of Formula 1, to have the best driver-team combination winning, should not be overshadowed by a philosophy to appease a generation of fans’ abysmal attention span and entitlement.


    Sri Harsha

    I still believe the Racing was becoming more and more artificial. where it should become more and more natural due to lot of restrictions and regulations.
    Only FIA needs to set rules of No.of engines/Gearbox and usage ,ERS and DRS and Durable tires by letting teams to choose what ever kind of innovations they make or run from previous years. If one team exploits its speed by Mechanical side then let them be, Or some one with Fducts let them be.
    For one year just for one year let the teams develop what they wanted to do. Give them Durable tires and that’s it i believe we can have the real racing.



    I have always believed that simple is better. So I would go for simple rules (1 rubber compound per race for example, less complicated aerodynamic devices, No DRS etc).

    Racing should be racing: you have 22 cars on a starting grid, they race (if they feel that they should change tyres during the race, they can, if not so be it,) and whoever crosses the line first wins.

    These complicated rules we have now, can sometimes make racing interesting but they also make it artificial for the knowledgeable fan and complicated for the would-be fans.



    Have the FIA and Bernie and the latter’s companies start a breakaway series.

    Those who are left in F1, or whoever replaces the 2 I mentioned above, may be able to make F1 better.



    Bernie has had some good ideas and some really bad ones, but F1 would not be close to what it is today, in terms of importance, without him and his bold decisions.
    His time might have passed, but you gotta respect him…



    1. Increase the mechanical grip of cars.
    2. Increase power and decrease torque of engines.
    3. Revert back to the 2003-2009 points system.
    4. Budget caps of $100 million.
    5. Bring back multiple tyre manufacturers.


    Djangles LeVaughn

    I think the solution to overtaking being too artificial lies in FR3.5 in which I think Keith has pointed out before. Put a restriction on the number of times you can use DRS in a race. Maybe 20% of race distance rounded up to the nearest whole number equals your number of uses of DRS during a race.


    Craig Woollard

    How about we have DRS for only the LAST 3 laps of a grand prix, rather than every lap except for the first 3? And one team must run a yellow livery all season, to keep Eddie Jordan happy and nostalgic.



    @kingshark Could you elaborate on why you would want to decrease the torque? My understanding of the outgoing V8 engines is that they produce very little torque as is, and that increasing torque will involve the driver more by having to control the extra power/spin on the wheels when putting the power down out of corners.

    Not that I’m opposed to it, but I don’t typically see calls for less torque. More power, I agree with wholeheartedly, but I would want more torque as well (with my current understanding). Hopefully someone can shed some light on this…



    Closed cockpits
    6 Hour races, with a special 24 hour race where double points are awarded
    3 Drivers per car
    Different classes of car depending on how much a manufacturer/team wishes to spend
    Customer Cars allowed



    Craig Woollard

    @ajokay That idea is amazing! I would watch a series with that! How about if there were some ex-F1 drivers too like Bruno Senna and Kamui Kobayashi?

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