If it rains on the parade lap??

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    What happens if its dry when all the cars head out on their out lap on dry tyres, then when they are lined on the grid, or on the parade lap it starts to rain heavily? Are the cars allowed to pit on the parade lap for wet tyres or do they have to start a wet race on dry tyres and come in on their first lap?

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    They would probably start the race behind the safety car and allow everyone to pit.

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    What happens? Kimi misses the pit entrance, Winkelhock takes the lead in the second lap of his career, and around seven drivers crash in turn one.

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    I believe they could change tyres but would be subject to the same rules as if they were originally starting from the pits. So if it was everyone then the start would be line-astern down the pitlane!

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    That would be intense!

    tbh, if it started to rain during the parade lap it would depend entirley on how heavy the rain is, most of the drivers would ignore it, unless an absolute torrent camde down, which if heavy enough might even reult in a red flag.

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    Stephen Jones

    haha enigma..

    i’m sure the rules are that the timer will revert back to the 10 minutes to go mark, and there will be time for tyres to be changed.

    though just starting would be much more interesting! -cough europe 07-

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    Adrian J

    Depending on how heavy the rain was they could suspend the race and instruct the drivers to line up in their grid slots to give them all a chance to change tyres.

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    Alianora La Canta

    On the parade lap, if it rains the race proceeds as normal, but everyone is free to pit for wet tyres and start in the pit lane if they wish. Should they do so, it becomes a scramble for the pit exit because the starting order would be single file in order of arrival at pit exit.

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    Oh dear… Think of the poor journalists!

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    If Race control see’s that rain is imminent, they’ll probably declare the race wet before the teams have to clear the grid, allowing everyone to change onto wets.

    Remember, race control does also have access to a weather radar, and have track marshals providing updates on track conditions.

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