If Legard Leaves who will replace him?

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    Yes I know everyone is saying Coulthard would replace him but do you think Coulthard would do well as lead commentator or any TYPE of commentary?

    I think no for the following reasons:

    1)He has no real commentary experience such as doing a whole race or weekend or practice session or qualifying session or 5 Live commentary.

    2)He has been sometimes very bias towards Red Bull this year on the BBC.

    3)Him and Brundle in my opinion wouldn`t work well as a commentary team.

    Here are my line up suggestions for you guys to vote on:

    Choice 4 in the comment box for:

    Lead Commentator:Murray Walker

    Race Analysist:Martin Brundle

    Choice 2 in the comment box for:

    Lead Commentator:James Allen

    Race Analysist:Martin Brundle

    Choice 3 in the comment box for:

    Lead Commentator:David Croft

    Race Analysist:Martin Brundle and Anthony Davidson

    Choice 5 in the comment box for:

    Lead Commentator:Ben Edwards

    Race Analysist:Martin Brundle and Anthony Davidson

    Choice 1 in the comment box for:

    Lead Commentator:David Coulthard

    Race Analysist:Martin Brundle

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback.



    None of the above! :P

    I would like David Croft or Ben Edwards to come in with Brundle, but I definitely don’t want Anthony Davidson in the commentary box.

    I agree about Coulthard. I don’t think its a good idea to have a commentator that is employed by one of the teams, and also, two ex-drivers may not give the balance that a Walker, Allen or Legard did.



    I think in modern F1 Murray doesn’t fair well, he is far too slow to react to incidents and would quite frankly just be plain annoying.

    I would bring back James Allen, but due to his ties at ITV it’s not going to happen. You see people complained about JA but if I recall when it come to strategies for teams and other technical aspects Brundle would ask James questions and he would get it right. And for those who say he was biased to British drivers “OF COURSE HE WAS!!”, it was his duty to be, what did Murray not get a boner when Mansell won a race? I for one would be the first to welcome him back to the comm box.



    We should go all Harry Hill and tell them to have a fight, but seriously, i think choice 3 would be the best option(you have made it rather complicated with the numbers). All 3 sounded great in the commentary box in abu dhabi practice and it worked. Radio would then be left with no commentators, but oh well.



    Jeremy Clarkson



    That would be the funniest thing in the world, but it’ll never happen, due to his already massive commitments



    Ideally someone who doesn’t say things like ‘will Fernando get going again?!’ (Spa this year) when his front right was quite literally hanging by a thread.

    I think he tries too hard to excite the casual viewer. A blue flag situation is not an overtake…stop pretending it is.


    Stephen Jones

    eh, once again i’m not against legard but i’d go for choice 2..

    but since he’s got his itv stuff i’d go for choice 3.. the motogp guy is pretty good



    I vote Craig Charles.

    No on a serious note, Croft Davidson and Brundle was be a nice trio. I’ve said before as much as David Coulthard amuses me, I don’t see him getting excited enough to engage the audience if something major happens.



    Choice 6:

    Mark Blundell and Kimi Raikkonen



    @electrolite: David Coulthard is only amusing to look at.



    I’m for Allen-Brundle.


    Tom L.

    Rob – Blundell and Raikkonen would be brilliant!

    MB: “Is that the same car wot was leading the lap before?”

    KR: “Dunno, I was taking a s***!”

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