If Schumacher retires, then what?

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    Mercedes hasn’t been shining recently. China looks so far in the past. Schum is yet to decide his future. Say what do you think he will do IF HE FINALLY RETIRES. i’ve heard some rumours: (I’m sorry I don’t remember where and when)
    Schum will BUY a team (even Mercedes team if they are planning to retire)
    Schum will become kind of a director at Mercedes (I think looking for young talents)
    He could go on TV

    Your answers please…


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    I’ve always thought he would buy a team when his racing days are finally over – doesn’t seem like the TV pundit type to me.


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    Mercedes need some serious plans for the future if Schumacher is going to retire at the end of this year. If they don’t have a good car next season then I could very well see them quit the sport.

    But now they have a technical team of Ross Brawn, Bob Bell, Aldo Costa, and Geoff Willis it’s hard for them not to make a competive car.

    I know Mercedes will have a better car next season, and I hope that Michael stays another year. Nonetheless, even if he doesn’t; Nico deserves at least one full season with a consistent competive car.


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    I thought the plan was Schumacher would become a brand ambassador for Mercedes, therefore appearing in advertising and at their corporate events. He may be offered a DTM drive but I doubt he would be interested somehow.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    I’ve always thought he would buy a team when his racing days are finally over

    Auto Hebdo recently suggested that Mercedes might partially back out of Formula 1 in 2014, and rename the team “AMG F1”. But perhaps Schumacher could buy into the team and rename it after himself.


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    Having Schumacher as the team name would make then simultaneously as popular and unpopular as Ferrari manages to be.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    Of course, the question remains to be seen as to how good a manager Schumacher would be. The team could easily go the same way as Prost Grand Prix (though for different reasons – I don’t think a team carrying Schumacher’s name and being the de facto Mercedes works team would suffer for sponsors).


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    Then it will be left up to Maldonado to hit everyone!


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    I think Schumacher has stated in the past he’s not into the idea of becoming a team boss. At least, that was around his Ferrari retirement.

    More likely, he’d become some sort of ambassador to Mercedes, considering he’s already in their commercials, and is supposedly supervising some of their younger drivers. People tend not to mention Schumacher’s races in sportscars, but I think Mercedes could use his experience in a lot of fields other than F1 as well.

    Truth be told, I don’t think he’ll ever race in another series. Maybe he’ll pick up Motorcycles again, but considering he is also a family man and has spent the last 21 years of his life involved in F1 in some shape or another, I don’t see it happening.

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