Im an F1 newbie and going Silverstone for the 1st time… in need of guidance!!!

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    kelly bennett

    Hi, Ive just booked up for this year F1 meet at silverstone got a 3day pass with camping for my boyfs bday present!!!! (he better love it!!). I cant believe what Ive been missing out on as Ive only sat n watched a race this year for the first time!!!!

    Weve got seats in the Becketts grandstand- I havent got the foggiest about wheres the best place to get seats so hopefully Ive ‘done- good’???

    Weve also got tickets to camp in the lively area of Silverstone woodlands and have heard that people are queuing up at 4am on the wednesday to get electric hook-ups- we certainly wont be having electric then!!
    Will we still get tent space if we go early friday morning?? or should we go earlier??

    Can you go say Wednesday evening pitch your tent then come home n go back friday morning? Or if we did that would we loose the car space next to the tent??

    Does everyone just pitch there tent anywhere or is there like a grid system??

    Many thanks for your help!!!

    Kelly b



    Hi Kelly

    Welcome! Maybe @damonsmedley or @estesark could move this topic to the British Grand Prix Group? There are plenty of people to help you out there :)

    I camped at Woodlands in 2010. We arrived early Thursday evening and had no trouble finding a spot so I can’t imagine you will have any trouble on a Friday morning. There is a loose grid system, but that’s only defined by the temporary roads that are laid for cars coming in and out.

    Your ticket will allow you roaming access on the Friday which basically means you can sit wherever you like for the practice sessions and support slots. That way at least you get to see the cars at high speed on the straight or any other particular point you would otherwise miss out on.

    Enjoy your weekend!



    This is in the wrong group, but as you’re a newbie, it’s understandable! :-P I can’t move the topic (not sure if Keith can), so it might be a better idea to copy your text and paste it into a new topic under the “Going to the British Grand Prix” group where you’ll likely get more help. :)



    @damonsmedley Moving topics on this forum isn’t technically possible, which is why we have to close them when they are made in the wrong place and start them from scratch in the right place. Keith gave us an example of it in the moderators’ group.

    @andrewtanner thanks for tagging me in on this.

    @kellyb You can continue this thread in the correct group. And I’m sure your boyfriend will love the present!

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