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    After seeing top gear last Sunday I was very impressed with the Imola Circuit and just how fast it was..of course it was removed because of safety but do you think it should be reinstated? I know its quite dangerous but I think that Melbourne is quite similar with walls on each side of the track..I would like to see it on the calendar instead of Valencia..What do you think?



    Italy is in a lot of financial trouble at the moment so I can’t see them being able to sustain anything other than the Monza race. Spain will almost certainly reduce to a single race per season in the future. Given the choice between Monza and Imola, I’d choose Monza.


    Imola is a good track, but I think it’s too narrow and twisty for Formula 1 to produce good racing these days. 2005/6 spring to mind when I think of Imola and they are also what I think of whenever I think about dirty air and cars being unable to pass.



    It wasn’t removed due to safety reasons, was it? I thought it was altered due to safety reasons after the tragedies of ’94. From what I read, they left more because the facilities weren’t up to snuff.



    Imola is better than some circuits on the current calendar, but I wouldn’t reinstate it into the calendar if I could. I doubt it will ever return to the calendar.



    They never raced F1 with the Varianta Bassa before the pits taken out, did they? Now it’s flat out all the way from Rivazza to Tamburello, there might be some passing.

    But it’s probably the hosting fees and facilities that did for it – I guess China or Turkey took its place. It looked a bit run-down on Top Gear (although it’s amazing how circuits are transformed for a Grand Prix weekend!)



    Funny you mention it, I was thinking how good imola was. Yes there is a sour taste to the track given the tragedies of 94′ but, I remember so really good races at imola plus I really enjoyed it on my play station ;)


    Keith Collantine

    When I think of Imola I think of the great track it used to be, and also the fabulous atmosphere provided by the Ferrari-mad locals.

    I prefer to forget the chicane-infested mess of a track it became in 1995.

    And I don’t think even Italy can or necessarily should sustain two Grands Prix these days. Look at the relatively low (compared to other races) ticket prices at Monza and consider that even with the huge draw of Ferrari they’ve not been selling out on race tickets recently (to the best of my knowledge, at least).



    Really Keith? It blows my mind that Monza isn’t selling out, such a great setting and atmosphere.

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