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    First in my series of how to improve the current F1 tracks. To make this model, i used Google Sketchup-A free CAD tool. I imported a Google Earth picture of the track to Sketchup, and edited it from there. This one is the Hungaroring. To improve he racing at the track, I’ve added a hairpin at turn 7/8 to get some overtaking. To do this ive extended the track into where was a farm. I have also altered the final corner, making a longer straight to get there, a tighter entry to the corner to then open up. All of this means that a longer home straight is there. I did this by taking away some spectator areas and moving them back, allowing for the track extension. Sorry for the lack of detail, but the layout was the main part. What do you think, and what would you do with the space provided?




    The double hairpin needs cutting out at the end with maybe just a quick turn. They can’t follow eachother round that section so can’t get close enough on the straight.



    Personally I’d do this: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3980902

    (The last straight isn’t meant to be kinked, it’s just how it came out. I imagine the last corner to be slightly banked as well.)

    Probably too short, but it cuts out the most boring and unnecessary parts of the track.



    Don’t know why that double-posted…



    Nah, the last section should remain the same, I went to the Hungagoring this year and despite the lack of racing as per usual, even though i enjoyed this year thoroughly the spectator angles are fantastic.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Okay, here’s how I’d do it:

    The first turn would be a mirror image of itself. Rather than being a tight right that opens into a gentler bend, I’d make a gentle right that deploys into a tight corner, forcing drivers to brake as they turn.

    Next, it’s a downhill, left-hand sweeper that bypasses the existing turn two entirely. The cars funnel out onto the straight where Massa had his accident.

    I’d tighten the existing turn four ever so slightly, raise the inside kerb and bring the outside wall in much closer.

    The chicane would stay in place, but like the first turns, it would be reversed: gentle approach, tight second half.

    I’d largely keep the next sequence of bends intact, but I’d exaggerate them somehow.

    And in the final section, I’d re-create Magny Cours’ Grande Courbe bend for the final turn. Rather than going right before climbing the hill, the cars would go left, bypass the switchback, and enter the new Grande Courbe for the climb to the Start/Finish line.



    I personally think the Hungaroring should stay as it is as we need a variety of tracks on the calendar, which means some, such as Hungaroring, being very tight and twisty. however it is still interesting to see peoples ideas.

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