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    @plushpile – Read/unread can be done with RSS – subscribe to comments via google reader. You can even subscribe to comments on a certain article.



    Cool, i’ll give that a try



    I’ve been having a few problems in the last few days posting comments which then don’t appear, I don’t know if it’s just me.




    It is not just you, it is happening to me also. All I know is that a recent series of my comments that I posted have automatically been placed in moderation by default, and subsequently deleted. Sounds to me like Keith is selectively moderating which comments to allow on his articles?? Even if they do not contain inappropriate material?????

    Anyway, I don’t want to “jump the gun”, but if I find this to be true, I will not be visiting this site anymore.

    I await for an explanation.



    Hopefully people will read the 3rd page.

    If we could have an option to upvote and downvote comments it would be great. http://www.reddit.com and look at the comments over there. Also get rid of the ‘page’ sections and just have the article and have the comments on a seperate page, so they don’t get split up.



    No downvoting. You will get an insightful comment relegated down the page just because it said something good or bad about someone.



    Agree with Ichthyes.

    I like the idea of personal messages if possible though. That would have been the one saing grace of the Autosport forums if they weren’t so grumpy there.

    There are some comments that thyat can be hard to read grammar-wise but I manage ok with them (English is my first language though) and I do like freedom of speech. As long as they aren’t offensive then I’m fine with them.



    keith you should look at implementing Disqus (www.disqus.com)

    it will let readers collapse a thread (so if they are not interested in reading a particular group of comments because of some flame war going on, they can scan past it quickly). It also gives you finer moderation controls, and the ability to ‘bump’ comments down to the bottom of a thread to keep more interesting comments at the top.

    The comment content here is great – there is just the odd troll. Having an ‘open’ comment policy is a good thing, as it invites people to participate. Even people who leave short/bad comments initially shouldn’t be banned or block, because they can go on to add a lot of good stuff later on.

    One thing, there are interesting discussions in deeper/older blog posts which are hard to track. People usually scan comments on a post and then never go back to it – the solution here might be to have a ‘recent comments’ page, which shows all the comments from all posts sorted chronologically, with the most recent at the top (this is easy to do in wordpress, and you can also give it an RSS feed)



    also, you are missing some obvious spam, such as :

    2010 Singapore Grand Prix discussion

    see “best online shopping UK”. You should enforce real/realistic names and not let people comment as company/website names



    The last 5 comments are always there if you click ‘community’ on the top. And you can also subscribe to all comments or comments on a certain article via rss. I’m also subscribed to certain forum topics.


    Lord Stig

    Not sure if you got my email Keith, but certainly I would advocate for the the implementation of DISQUS. It has a simple but still rich UI that should satisfy and update the commenting system to the 2010 standard.



    Hey Guy’s,

    I cant comment what Keith’s plans are regarding the comments system but…

    To those who are having issues posting comments (Ads21,Maksutov etc) i am investigating this issue, it’s a technical issue not some super form of over moderation. Hopefully won’t take long to fix.





    We need to be able to “quote” other members comments. :)

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