Inaccurate Post Race Reports

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    Quote: ‘Hamilton’s contact with Mark Webber on the first lap was unnecessary, and that is what put him behind Jenson Button and led to the two McLaren team-mates coming together’ Unquote! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/formula_one/13754746.stm

    This extract was from MB post race analysis on Lewis and his apparent view that Lewis should go back to basics, firstly, when you factually state something, i.e the above statement, and you are getting paid to do so, don’t you think you should get it right! Secondly Lewis & MW passed each other with a coming together which was ruled a ‘racing incident’ then Lewis was behind JB, then passed him, then Lewis made a move on Shumie, who inadvertently pushed (forced) Lewis wide, JB then passed Lewis, then Lewis made a move on JB crashing out, again racing incident…….. so the above statement is incorrect from MB,in actual fact shumie caused Lewis to be behind JB by creating 2 blocking moves and forcing him off the track!! And did Shumie get investigated…… errr no! So the above statement from MB is definitely an inaccurate portrail of what actually happened in my opinion. Why don’t these guys give Lewis a break, what is it with the british mentallity to knock someone when they are clearly having issues, albeit his fight and the pressure to win and beat RB, OK reign it in a little LH but keep fighting, otherwise we have boring proccessional F1 racing with no driver spirits. I know MB is not completely slagging him off, but please give him a break, is he the only driver that they can talk negatively about??? I get the feeling that Nikki Lauders comments in the press today were also a knee jerk reaction, I mean come on….. I can’t even repeat them they were that reddiculous! (if anyone read them you’ll know what I mean):)

    Great race from JB, fantastic job, and nice to see Vettel under pressure for a change, more of that please.

    PS I feel I may have mentioned Lewis’s name a little often there :) But hell who cares! :)



    Well I guess he wrote that on the plane back, so he was probably doing it from memory. Rather than telling us, you should tell him, maybe he’ll make an amendment?



    I would but there is no link!!! :)



    Well his twitter account is around somewhere, he seems to answer some questions on that



    I’m on his twitter as a follower, already posted the previous race about something else! I will try again LOL…. it’s no excuse though to get it wrong as I managed to remember from memory LOL :) :)



    “Quote: ‘Hamilton’s contact with Mark Webber on the first lap was unnecessary, and that is what put him behind Jenson Button and led to the two McLaren team-mates coming together’ Unquote!


    so the above statement is incorrect from MB,in actual fact shumie caused Lewis to be behind JB by creating 2 blocking moves and forcing him off the track!! “

    You’re missing two key words in what Martin wrote:

    “led to”


    “was the direct cause of”

    It was the first in a sequence of events. It was the first example of what Lewis was doing, and the frustration that brought him to drive the way he did when attempting to pass Button.



    Having said that, you raise a good point. Taken from Mark Hughes’ blog today:

    “The world at the moment isn’t as Lewis would want it. He would like the showbiz rapper and celebrity athlete friends that came to be with him in Montreal to have seen him demonstrate his dazzling skills to leave the rest of the field dazed and confused. He had a show to put on and those other lesser drivers just got in the way. “

    Rhianna was doing a concert a couple of days before the race. McLaren have all sorts of people wandering through the garage on VIP tours. If one of their drivers is out of the race, and there’s 2 hours to kill, why wouldn’t you have him walk a bunch of celebrities around the garage, particularly if he knows some of them? I saw Lewis being nothing but professional and gentlemanly on camera. Where this comment comes from, I’m not sure. I could make a joke about it, but I’d probably have to apologise to the stewards afterwards.



    I notice in the Canadian GP commentary that MB did acknowledge that his initial response to the Monaco Hamilton/Maldonado incident was possibly wrong, although he didn’t actually say he was wrong.

    Just before the re-start on lap 40 he said, or something similar to, when discussing with DC the Button/Alonso coming together “I learnt that lesson two weeks ago after I saw different views of the Hamilton/Maldonado incident”



    Yeah I really disagree with the BBC’s post race reports this weekend. Even Ted Kravitz got it wrong which is a rare thing. He kept on harking on about Button and his tyres. He kept on saying how the only reason he had the pace over Vettel, Schumacher and Webber was because of his older tyres that were allowed to heat up better.

    He missed the fact that Webber was first on drys out of these four, where was his pace?

    Also Mark Hughes, who normally brings a level headed approach to things and normally does a great anaylsis. This comes to mind:

    “His move on Mark Webber in the first corner of racing in Canada was perhaps the most telling; it never had a possibility of working”

    Yes it was from a way back, but he was down the inside, he had the place, he just understeered. How could Hamilton have judged the conditions?

    “An attempt at ambushing Michael Schumacher by going around his outside on the approach to the hairpin is the sort of outrageous move he might have pulled off in karting, but simply resulted in Michael not realising he was there until he was already forcing the McLaren onto the grass.”

    More utter rubbish. He just took the racing line, and tried to go for the undercut move. Michael would have known he was there, but misjudged it. It wasn’t outrageous from either of the drivers.

    Martin Brundle wrote this:

    “Alonso was ahead, Button was no more than halfway alongside and the Spaniard was entitled to turn in. He gave Button space, and the McLaren under-steered on the slippery kerbs into the Ferrari.”

    Not accurate as from the onboard shot from Alonso looking back at Button, by the point of the corner, Button was level. Alonso turned in thinking Button would yeild but neither did.

    It is such a shame that the British mainstream media only focus on the two British drivers, but then I guess that’s what sells. On the 5Live podcast, they were speaking to the F1 writer for a British newspaper, and they already wrote the story about Lewis Hamilton falling apart before the race had even finished. They then decided to put in a bit about the fact Button won from the back.

    As soon as something bad happens to Hamilton the British press jump on it, with titles such as “What’s gone wrong with Hamilton?” etc. That’s why I’m glad this website doesn’t use such sensationalism. I hope this race can be remembered for the racing.

    I’ll remember the race for Schumachers chance of a podium, Button fighting his way to 1st, Vettel’s mistake, and the longest race in F1 history.



    I don’t really have much of a problem with what was said. It was mostly right even if the tone wasn’t great. The only real problem I have is with the piece that goes on about Hamilton wanting to impress celebrity friends which is just gossip and has no value.

    I think Britain does have a build ’em up knock ’em down attitude but I don’t feel Lewis is the only victim in this nor is the UK the only guilty country. This year Felipe was doing wonderfully well and back to his old self at Malaysia and China and then he has a couple of bad races and he’s on his way out again, Seb made a few errors last year and went from boywonder to ‘crashkid’ (albeit a name coined by Whitmarsh and not the media) who gets all of Mark’s car parts, Alonso had a rockly start to 2010 and the Italian press were incredibly harsh but now he’s the pearl in the oyster.

    I think it just depends on each individual source and the fact that this sort of thing comes with the territory of F1.

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