India – A sign of things to come…

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    I have just seen how poorly India is doing with regards to getting things in place for the commen wealth games. I hope this is not a sign of things to come for the proposed GP next year!


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    India had 7 years to get ready for the Commonwealth Games.

    The Grand Prix was initially announced in June 2007 for this season, but in September 2008, it was pushed to 2011.

    I have have doubts we’ll see them racing in India next year.


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    Rubbish post guys, your equating totally different things, The Jaypee group being a private enterprise cheif amongst them.


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    I’m sure it will all go swimmingly. Everything will be completed in time and the F1 circus will roll into Delhi in a buoyant and jubilant mood!

    and then no-one will show up.


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    and then no-one will show up.

    If Karun’s on the grid they will, and if he’s in a Force India they’ll show up in droves.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    The difference between the Jaypee Group Circuit and the Commonwealth Games is that the circuit is being built exclusively by private contractors. The government in New Delhi has been bankrolling the Commonwealth Games site, but the Indian Grand Prix circuit will be done through private construction firms. It will also be overseen by Hermann Tilke – one of the reasons why Tilke gets all the circuit design commissions is because Tilke GmbH is not simply an architecture firm: they offer construction services as well. Tilke has overseen the construction of every circuit since Sepang with the exception of the Korean International Circuit.


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    F1 is different, yes they are having trouble but they very determine in getting their sports going on in the right time. Like they did with cricket so I hope they have a trouble free time & organize a good race.

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