Installing a logitech wheel

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    How do you install a wheel? What do I need to download from their website? How do I make it be recognised on my computer? Any help would be great thanks


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    Which wheel did you buy? Go to product support on logitech.com and download the drivers for your operating system and install them. Any other help just ask?

    Windows: F1Fanatic2010

    PSN: Bahamut_2010


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    Thank you! I’ve just got a new G27 and it says it is installed and downloaded but when I go on F1 2010 it doesn’t work. Ho0w do I make it work for F1 2010? I tried to go and change the cvar controls to cutom from keyboard but still nothing has happened? Any helps would be a life saver :)


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    Any helps would be a life saver :)

    I know just the thing: wander down to your local electronics store and pick yourself up a Playstation 3. Upon arriving home with your Playstation 3, plug the wheel into it and join us for some racing shenanigans! :P

    Did you get pedals too?


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    Yep pedals have arrived. Actually I am getting a PS3 or xbox for Christmas but I need to know which is best?

    First and help with the wheel would be great from anyone please:P *begs*

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