Intense Qualifying – New Proposal 2017

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    Hi! Inspired by Keith’s article of embracing NASCAR style, I came up with an idea for quali. If we are for changing things, what about the following one? (SPOILER ALERT: You might consider it’s crazy, silly, Bernie’s kind of stuff)

    1. No pits entry. You enter the pit, your quali is over.

    2. It should be as it follows:
    – Drivers are given 5 minutes to go round in circles and choose a “clean spot” (to take distance from each other as convenient as possible) before qualifying.
    – After those 5 minutes, green flag: all the cars are on the same lap. As soon as they cross the “green flag” (or the knockout line, see below) your quali starts. No blue flags or anything. You take care of your car, of your lap. If you try to block someone, you take the risk of having a slow time yourself, or being hit. The slowest time until the next time everybody has crossed the line is eliminated (Or equally if everybody has crossed the line and you are currently slower than the 2nd slowest, to avoid any kind of boycott). I would even dare to suggest that the “knockout line” should be a couple of turns before the actual pit entry, so the driver who is eliminated has to immediately go to pits, so in that way, it doesn’t block anybody (or not for so long).
    Every time you cross the line your own time is reset again. So every lap is a quali lap. If you make a mistake, you can be knocked out. It doesn’t matter if you cross the line in front of someone, it’s your time that counts. That would make for 20 crazy laps. Remember, instead of the failed attempt last year, cars are not allowed to change tyres. Maybe they would need to qualify with hard tyres, but even if they are slower, it would be the same for everyone. Or even better, maybe you want to try a different strategy and go for super soft, but you know it can only set you in 10th position, because, after 10 intense laps, your tyres degrade.
    Of course you can use a different set of tyres during the race.
    Maybe it would need some kind of rule that, if there is a crash, quali stops COMPLETELY. Times in the crash lap are erased. Marshalls take out the car. Then the quali resumes but with other 5 minutes (maybe less, maybe 3 would be enough) and everyone starts again with a clean lap. (It could eliminate the controversy of stopping your car in a danger zone on purpose, as that driver would be knocked out).
    I’m all ears about something I didn’t consider – What to do if it starts raining? I don’t know. Please comment, I’m open to opinions.


    Kavin Kannan

    I like this idea a lot! But maybe a tyre change after ten laps, so it won’t be all about tyre saving?



    So it’s pretty much a race, but with cars starting it at random spots around the track and the slowest cars being constantly eliminated. They could as well just start together, so you can actually follow what’s happening. You could then more easily tell which car is most likely to be eliminated next (if the grid position resembles order of pace, the way race’s does) – more on that below.

    Drivers are given 5 minutes to go round in circles and choose a “clean spot”
    – Which, for the viewer, would either make for 5 minutes of boring randomness or 5 minutes of drivers purposely establishing a “Fastest go first” order on the track and circling in a funeral procession, knowing that not following a slower car gives everybody a clean ride around the track for the whole duration of that “quali”.

    “That would make for 20 crazy laps”
    Not really. Everybody knows what the slow cars and the fast cars are. So you’d have a long series of predictable eliminations plus some random eliminations of the faster cars that got stuck in traffic.

    “Every time you cross the line your own time is reset again. So every lap is a quali lap.”
    Only for the slowest cars. The top cars that go 2-4 sec. per lap faster would be safe for most of the 20 laps. Everybody’s lap times would only jump into relevancy the moment all slower cars had gotten eliminated.
    A top qualifier, like Hamilton, would do 10 slow laps, 7 mid paced laps, and only 3 full-out laps at the end to fight for the win.
    I guess those last 3 laps could be exciting. Although it also means there would only be the last few cars left on the track, which kills the possibility of any kind of “come from behind” surprising last effort of some underdog.



    1. No pits entry. You enter the pit, your quali is over.

    Fun! I like the idea.


    @damon assuming cars can really pull out a big gap AND that the grid remains so one-sided, yes, it would end up with only the two Mercs going for it in the end, or Mercs and RBs. But the Ferrari vs Williams vs Force India battle would prove thrilling. At least in my opinion. Well, of course you can disagree, because to make my humble proposal be heard and approved by FIA, there is a better chance to for me to find a unicorn :P

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