Interlagos track modifications

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    Extending the then start/finish straight wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The track isn’t going to lose any of its charm and like others have said, Descida do Lago would just be a few hundred metres further down effectively, so perhaps it could gain some charm by using more of the facility. It does seem logical that they could fill in some of the lake to allow run off at then turn 1, and to straighten out the section between turns 2 and 4.
    I wonder if the current pit buildings will be knocked down once the new ones have been built?



    I don’t see any reason to change the track. It’s fine as it is.



    Actually, the Reta Oposta Straight will be lenghtened about 200 meters untill the lake. So, the first corner of the track will have a angle of less than 90 degrees. More details here: http://revista.warmup.com.br/edicoes/40/a-reforma-do-seculo.shtml (in portuguese).



    It’s a shame that they’re going to alter turn four, that has always been one of my favourite corners on the track to drive on racing games.



    @joeyz-f1 Lucky for you then that you’ll still be able to drive it in racing games, whereas in real life, racing drivers will never be able to drive it ever again!

    Here’s a concept I knocked up a couple of months ago and then forgot to show anyone. It’s fairly similar, although adds a cut-through which gives an east circuit (new pitlane) west circuit (old pitlane) and the full GP layout




    That new pitlane entry looks long…

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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