Investing in Williams?


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    Is anyone here considering buying shares in Williams when they are floated?

    If so, will you be buying for serious investment growth prospects or just for the fun of owning a bit of an F1 team?

    It looks as if the whole enterprise is valued around 265 million but individual shares will cost around 24-29 when they go on sale.

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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    I may buy a share or two, anyone know how?

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    If i own a part of williams does that mean I can visit them in the pitlane? :)

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    Jarred Walmsley

    I reckon we should all club together and buy combined F1 Fanatic shares. Seeing as we can’t sponsor HRT this is an even better option what do you reckon?

    If we get enough we might even be able to get some space on the car to promote the site

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    @djdaveyp87 – According to the BBC …


    … you’ll need to buy 1% of the company to get pit access … and that’s going to cost a cool 2.65 million.

    @Jarred – I think if we could raise that sort of cash then Keith might have a better suggestion or two for how to spend it :)

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    Lets see how this season goes. Then I might invest ;)

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    Guy, My browser’s spacing of this forum meant that i almost got excited!! Pitlane pass with Williams for $2.65!! Thats less then 1.70, BARGIN!!

    Then the Million pops up on a seperate line :(

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