Is F1 Too Political??

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    I don’t know about the rest you but I have loved the action on track this year, yes DRS has made things too easy in a couple of races but I think the FIA is getting better at where to put the activation points and the length of the DRS zone etc.

    One thing that has let me down though is the politics… when are the FIA going to let the ‘best drivers in the world’ be the ‘best drivers in the world??

    The ‘One Move’ rule, the Stewards penalising for what are clearly Racing Incidents, the conservative starts and so on are all making it a little dull, I think.

    These guy’s should be allowed to race… if you accidentaly clip someone in close quarters racing at 180mph, surely that’s just part of racing?

    What do you all think – is F1 trying to be too stringent on the drivers?



    I’m with you; I’d much rather the drivers were allowed to get on with racing without the constant interference by the stewards.

    Not that long ago you could go several races without seeing a single message from the stewards that they were investigating an incident; these days it’s rare to get to the first pit stops without somebody being investigated and, in my opinion, far too many racing incidents are being penalised due to one of my least favourite rules, namely the causing an avoidable accident rule, which may as well be renamed the “penalising anyone who tries to overtake in a tight situation” rule.



    They are racing within millimeters of each other at over 300km/h and if they can’t respect and look after each other than they should be penalised.

    I think there were some penalties this year that really shouldn’t have been penalties, like Hamilton’s in Malaysia – he wasn’t blocking Alonso in any way. But when they endanger each other or ruin each other’s races, they should be penalised (like Hamilton yesterday).

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