Mercedes running a suspension system called Fric?

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    Multiple sources are reporting that Mercedes is running some kind of legal active suspension called Fric. A bit more about it can be found here: http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/report-active-suspension-the-key-to-mercedes-speed/

    Now they might not have the best aerodynamics but you can always count on Brawn’s team to think of some interesting new ways to get the cars closer up front!




    I think on The Racer’s Edge Scarbs mentioned something about that, in particular whether they would continue to run it or whether they would revert to a more traditional suspension setup. So from that I didn’t conclude it was a massive performance generator. With Mercedes now at the front – seemingly – it might not be long before we hear team bosses “asking for clarification”, and the FIA banning it for 2014 ;-)



    I’ve heard that story before: Mercedes have developed a suspension system that links front to rear as well as left to right. I’m not knowledgeable enough to completely understand it, but I know the advantage from the latter one is that the car is less tempted to roll in corners as it partially acts as an anti-roll bar



    I thought this was a joke related to Hamilton’s liberal use of the word ‘fricking’..



    @keithcollantine why did you change the title of this thread? it’s a title I came across on google and I thought it was fitting…

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