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    I did not say he does not care about F1, i said he knows very little about F1. How you can say he is passionate about the sport is beyond me do you remember Murray Walker. if Jake is going to stay please let him get excited from time to time. Fantastic presenter NOT. As for getting the best out of EJ and DC I think your wrong. Jake can only ask questions and never seems to be able to give any information or opinions based upon his own knowledge of F1.



    @Stav1: That’s because he’s the main presenter and therefore the mediator and impartial to certain views that the audience may not agree with. DC and EJ are the guys which often disagree, which is where Jake’s role comes into play. I think it’s a pretty good setup.



    Jake is brilliant. Enough said



    I don’t really like any of the BBC presenters to be honest.

    I’m sick of Coulthard insisting on calling Vettel ‘Vetell’, being corrected every time and then repeating the process and also of their constant whining about Schumacher, week after week, which just shows them up to be jealous.


    Keith Collantine

    I met him earlier this year, he seems a decent chap. I wouldn’t claim to know him well but haven’t got anything bad to say about him.

    He’s a very good presenter, I like how extensively he uses social media to bring the fans into the coverage (though fewer tweets from him about football would be nice).



    I very much doubt he’ll be going to Sky, he’s a BBC man. I quite like Jake, it does get on my nerves slightly when they get off topic but that’s not always his fault. It’s unfair to say he doesn’t have any knowledge of the sport, not everyone can be a walking encyclopedia and he obviously does plenty of research, and in any case it’s DC and EJ’s job as pundits to provide the knowledge.

    I think his perceived lack of enthusiasm comes from him trying to be a good presenter and a solid foundation for EJ to bounce off of, lets face it if they all got as excited as EJ it would be pretty difficult to watch.

    As for the commentary team, they’re pretty low-key but I’ll take that any day over Legard’s fake enthusiasm.



    I think Jake has done a very good job presenting F1 – exceeding my expectations from Day 1. But if it makes you feel better, Stav, I’m not 100% sure Jake will be back next year. Between the 50% reduction and the Olympics, it’s clear where the BBC’s priorities are. The Beeb have much bigger plans for Jake than F1 – he could very well be the face of BBC Sport by the end of next year. And he could be that for a good long while too.



    Stav1 “do you remember Murray Walker.”

    Yes I do; I remember him being unable to tell one driver from another, I remember him rambling on for minutes on end while ignoring what was happening on the track, I remember him making elementary mistakes that got very tired, very quickly, I remember him being constantly corrected by whoever was sat alongside him and I remember that while he was a great personality he wasn’t a particularly good commentator.

    Like many people who grew up listening to Murray I have a very big soft spot for the guy but if I’m being honest then I’ve got to admit that he just wasn’t that good at commentating and were he to start working as an unknown commentator today he’d be ripped to bits by F1 fans on internet forums.

    Take off the rose tinted glasses and watch some video’s of races he commentated on, particularly the last five or so years before he retired, and you’ll quickly realise that he wasn’t anywhere near as good as people make out.

    In my opinion DC and MB are the best commentary team F1 has ever had and with the exception of EJ I think that the whole BBC team do a very good job.



    I no longer watch the pre-race build up on BBC, I personally find it annoying to be honest and therefore only watch the qualifying and racing itself. Jake is OK I guess but I don’t particularly like EJ or DC. Jordan does know what he’s on about most of the time but I can’t be the only one who finds him irritating.

    Brundle is very good, but I would much prefer David Croft as lead commentator. He is really excellent, and Anthony Davidson is better than Coulthard. Don’t know why they didn’t give Crofty the permanent job when they got rid of Legard.



    Is it just me that likes and misses Jonathan Legards voice?



    dam00r I don’t miss Legard at all really but I do miss the enthusiasm in his voice. I love Brundle and DC and I’m so glad they’re the line up but if I’m picky then the only criticism I can muster up is that they just don’t sound very excited a lot of the time.



    I think Legard was a terrible commentator. He confused shouting cliched expressions at the top of his voice with being passionate, his background is radio commentary and he didn’t seem to realise that when you can see the images on screen it isn’t necessary to shout. Give me Brundle and DC all day long.



    I like the Brundle & Coulthard commentary apart from having to wonder how much Brundle is actually looking at the screen at times… the number of occasions something happens (I’m failing to think of a good example right now) but MB seems to get mixed up and say its the opposite driver of the team (button instead of hamilton) or he’ll ask a question about something you’ve just watched happen…

    They work well together but they need to pay more attention to wat they’re saying at times



    The fact Jake doesn’t know the complete F1 history does not bother me at all, he is not there to know everything about the sport, he is there to control the show and to get opinions out of EJ, DC and MB. I think he does this extremely well. I really enjoy his blogs and the fact he uses twitter on a regular basis.

    The BBC have done a great job of their coverage even if it can be a little corny at times with things like Eddie Jordan’s awful dramatic scenes with him talking over the top of footage. DC has really got better and better in my opinion and has really relaxed into the job. He is a lot less wooden now and him and Brundle are my favourite two of the team.

    I just hope that we don’t lose a good F1 team when SKY take over.



    I think Jake Humphrey is doing amazing for the sport and I will sorely miss him when F1 goes to Sky.

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