Jean Alesi has trouble remembering when his F1 career ended


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    Keith Collantine

    Pirelli’s press release for Malaysia just appeared in my inbox and their F1 ambassador Jean Alesi has this to say about the upcoming race:

    I’ve taken part in the Malaysian Grand Prix twice: the first time in 1999, which was the inaugural year, and the second time in 2000, which was my final year in Formula One. On both occasions I finished, but I remember what a big challenge it was both for the drivers and the cars.

    Unfortunately what he (or whoever writes his quotes for him) doesn’t remember is that he’s actually raced there three times – his F1 career ended in 2001!

    Here he is sixth in safety car queue during his last appearance:



    Poor Jean…I thought his memorable send-off at Suzuka 2001 would be enough for him to remember it. Shows that his career was just one year too long…:P



    His memorable send-off at Suzuka probably wiped his last season from his brain :P



    If anything, I’d forget about 2000 over 2001 if I were him. He had some very decent races in 2001, but then again, Jean has had more memory problems in the past.. ;)

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