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    sbl on tour

    prog on jackie stewart on bbc2 , sunday 18.30



    Thanks for letting us know!



    It’s a brilliant documentary, there is a very moving part in it when he talks about Cevert. Sad time for him.


    Bradley Downton

    Damn it, watching MotoGP replay atm :/…

    On another note… @riise – do you want part of our championship coz you missed the first race today and you need to pick a car mate..

    Is the Jackie Stewart programme repeated at all?


    sbl on tour

    check the red button thingy



    You guys are so lucky. I want to move to Britain just to get your TV programming! :P


    Saw that a while ago – agreed, it’s very moving where JYS and his wife talk about Cevert.

    Although given that this was shortly after the Swinging Sixties, the tone of what they say always makes me wonder about the nature of the relationships in that team ;)



    I missed this but will be sure to catch it on the iPlayer ASAP :)



    I tend not to read up too much about old F1, i’m very poorly versed in it. I admit I’d never heard of Cevert, until looking him up after the programme finished, but it was so tragic that such a promising young driver was killed in such a way, and causing Jackie not to start is 100th and final race.


    sbl on tour

    @ajokay, old f1 v modern f1, theres no comparison, 50,s 60,s 70,s 80,s so much better

    cripes I SOUND LIKE MA DA!



    Champions Forever is a good watch if you’ve got 90 minutes to kill, in fact I think it was linked to on here a while back. It’s basically footage of races from the era interspersed with really interesting footage and interviews behind the scenes of F1 with Francois Cevert, Peter Revson, Jackie Stewart and Mike Hailwood.

    I’d also recommend the other two documentaries in this series, about Jim Clark and Graham Hill.



    funny you mention it, as i just watched champions forever (formerly the quick and the dead, one by one) for the first time in maybe 20 years. a gritty look at 1974 was a real shock to my 2011 sensibilities! not for the feint of heart: smoking, drinking, a tattered (original?) nazi flag, and 2 fatalities. i’m sure europeans are less surprised by the male, female and child nudity.

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