Karthikeyan v Vettel

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    Vettel on the face it seems to be a great character and a nice person, but when he’s in his competitive “mode” he turns into Fernando Alonso when he’s feeling competitive. That video reminded me of when Vettel was having a go at that Pirelli employee at Spa last year.


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    Fer no.65


    Got to say I changed my mind after watching the replay earlier on the telly. Sure, Vettel didn’t have to keep left after overtaking him, but he didn’t move back to the racing line as I initially thought, Karthikeyan just turned right.

    As he was behind, he should’ve backed out a bit and let the man go. Not ideal situation, but he’s the one behind so…

    BTW, nice to see a Red Bull catching a HRT even with a puncture! Angry Birds? Angry Vettel!


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    In both my video and the one f1alex posted Vettel clearly doesn’t move towards the left. He keeps parallel to the left-hand track boundary.

    @slr I know we romanticise how people should have healthy competition; etc, but honestly – in real life; most of the time, it’s a load of croc. A lot of life’s situations are win-lose, and if you’re really serious of something – you’d rather the other guy lose.


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    I agree it’s not Vettel’s fault, but he should have been more careful.


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    @enigma If you change “should” to “could” I’ll agree with you 100%


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    It was clumsy overall. Nothing bad, just careless from Vettel. He should have seen the HRT moving over and made sure he was well out of the way.

    However, his attitude over the whole thing stinks. Button was willing to admit he was clumsy and a bit careless, whereas Vettel refuses to accept blame unless the evidence is absolutely overwhelming. Sullied what was otherwise a strong performance from Karthikeyan.


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    @damonsmedley I don’t know how you can compare the two incidents. First one was 100% Button’s fault and for position, second one was like the first comment said probably 60% Karthikeyans fault. Vettel maybe should have left more room but even Karthikeyan admitted to moving across back onto the track.

    Also I don’t get all the hate towards Vettel after what he said, like Schu, Button, Hamilton, Alonso and Webber have never ever complained about a backmarker.


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    Having watched it again I think it was a 50:50 incident.

    Vettel just presumed the HRT would slow down, and get out of his way. He just continued on his line towards the curb ( the racing line) on the outside of the track. He should have given the HRT more room, but obviously wasn’t aware that the HRT wasn’t going to brake on the straight.

    Karthikayan could have braked to avoid Vettel in front of him, but he probably didn’t think Vettel would cut in front of him so sharply until he they touched.

    However I really didn’t like Vettels attitude, both his gestures during the race, and probably worse, his attitude after the race. I expected him to be at least professional and show a reasonable amount of respect to his fellow driver after the race, even if he felt it was entirely the other drivers fault. I hope his recent success hasn’t gone to his head and he now thinks any driver not fighting for the championship should automatically ruin their own race just to let him through.


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    Are not usually the likes of Irvine, Villeneuve and Montoya hailed for speaking their mind? How is this different? How is Vettel waving at a backmarker that cut his tyre worse than Alonso waving at a car he was fighting for position? A little strange to burn him for that, don’t you think?


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    Well I do seem to remember drivers getting pretty hefty fines for doing those kinds of gestures in the past…


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    I think we must be remembering differently than. The only time anyone was ever penalized for being upset (to put it nicely) was Alonso in Hungary ’06, but that was because he gave Doornbos a brake-test. The penalty was not for being angry, but for causing a dangerous situation.


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    The issue here is not whether kart was totally innocent or not. In formula 1 a back marker is guilty first and fore most, and with all due respect back markers usually have no chance of scoring points, specially when running so far in the back, and when they didn’t even qualify on the first race and were about 4 secs slower per lap. He should have made every effort to make whoever was passing him who was lapping life’s easier. No point at all into what happened. Kart is at fault for the reason above. Also didn’t help his cause he is more often than not in accidents. To prove my point there is a lot less arguing about incidents in the back of grid than the front for a reason. Back of the grid doesn’t score points and matters little.


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    Nic Morley


    Pretty poor effort from Vettel slagging Kartkikeyan and showing his finger a multiple of times. Something you wouldn’t expect from a double world champion. When things don’t go his way he throws his dummys out the pram and cries; and it’s true.


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    @tommyb89 Yep, I agree mostly. Sorry, in all of the server issues, my long comment appears to have disappeared. :-(

    What I said, basically, is that Karthikeyan was on the white line (as he admitted afterwards) and it’s up to him to stay out of the way — but it’s certainly not expected that he risks having a spin or crash just to stay out of the way. He was on dry tyres and so he wasn’t going to stay on the kerb/line, and came back onto the track. It was an unfortunate incident that both could have avoided. There is certainly, 100%, definitely no need for a penalty for either of them though. I find this decision pretty appalling to be honest.

    And Vettel’s reaction was a bit over the top in the car, but perhaps understandable. Calling him a “cucumber” and an “idiot” is a step too far if you ask me. I can’t remember ever seeing someone complain about an incident that wasn’t entirely the backmarker’s fault in that way. Vettel has grown on me significantly since his first title, but I really hope he doesn’t go back to the way he was in, say, Hungary 2010 when things weren’t going his way. Only problem is, I’m not confident. But for his sake, I really hope he hasn’t become too used to winning as he’s such a nice guy when that’s the case.

    And I just watched this:


    He’s not just angry with what happened, he’s also being mean. :'(


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    Honestly (and I know many will not agree) I like a bit of passion and fire in the drivers. I like a bit of emotion and energy. Calm, cool, and always complimentary drivers can get a bit boring. Everyone always being nice to each other on the outside. It’s so fake. I like the passion and honesty. And when people are honest with their negativity, it means their positive comments are honest too, and that gives the positive side more value as well rather than making it all so clinical and sterile.

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