KERS for the new teams in 2012

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    Yesterday Heikki told Jake that Lotus are getting KERS for next season. Virgin getting cosy with McLaren means they’ll probably have it too. I hope, for their sake, that HRT are planning something too. Otherwise they’re just going to keep going backwards.

    I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what the buyout of HRT brings for them.

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    Keith Collantine

    I didn’t notice that – when did Kovalainen give that interview?

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    Dan Thorn

    Fernandes also said on Twitter yesterday that they’ve agreed a deal with Red Bull to use KERS at some point later this season:


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    @keith Heikki was talking to Jake after qualifying, I think during the extra 45 minutes of ‘golf time’.

    @dan Trying to integrate KERS halfway through the season will be a massive challenge. I foresee issues! (But wish them luck)

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    Yeah, but the Green Renaults already have the Renault Engine, Redbull gearbox (which probably means Redbull rear suspension or something very similar) so it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate but there will no doubt be issues, after all Redbull’s own KERS experience hasn’t been a smooth road.

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    Ned Flanders

    It seems weird to me that we’re still refering to them as the new teams! It won’t be long before we have to find a new label for them

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    Well, I nearly used ‘minnows’, but that seemed harsh.

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    It’s down to money really. Lotus seem to have the most, so they have more chances to give KERS a try than the rest. If they try it on this year’s car as well, they’ll have more time to debug it ahead of next season.

    As for the rest, if HRT has enough cash, Frank may be convinced to let their Dallara use his lowline gearbox & KERS system, while I doubt that Virgin can use a Mercedes sourced KERS…

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    Oscar Becker

    Hmm… I wonder if Cosworth will be in F1 next year (or 2013). Williams will use Renault engines next year, Virgin’s link-up with McLaren will probably mean they’ll use Mercedes engines and HRT want to use Ferrari engines (At least Adrian Campos wanted to). Maybe next year is too early for Virgin and HRT and if a 13th team joins the grid next year, that team will probably use Cosworth engines, but I doubt they’ll still be in F1 2013

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    I don’t think any manufacturer – apart from Cosworth – is allowed to supply more than 3 teams? So virgin may be stuck with Cosworth for the moment.

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    How are Renault going to supply themselves, Williams, Red Bull and Lotus then?

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