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Kimi Raikkonen: Pros and cons 2012

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    Pro: His raw talent and speed.

    Con: His fanbase, his lack of motivation.

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    Pro: I think his waning performances were exaggerated by bad luck and a team that he wasn’t entirely comfortable in being behind Massa after 07. So I don’t think any argument that his ability was already on the way out is very valid, meaning that after only a 2 year gap he should find his speed fairly quickly- at least faster and more completely than Schumacher, also thanks to being younger.

    Con: new tyres, new rules and regs, perhaps the 2 years out will have been worse than I imagine.

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    Soon the Ice Man will return,unlike Schummi, Kimi is already aquainted with KERS so therefore he will probably be at least in the first 6 places.Being away from f1 for a short break can only have been good for him.
    He would probably never have left mclaren if they hadnt promised his new car to an up and coming Hamilton at the time.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    @george1066 – I’m sorry, what?

    Renault ended the 2011 season as the sixth-best team – behind Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Force India. Therefore, in order for Raikkonen to be in the top six, he’s going to have to (at the very least) leapfrog Rosberg, Schumacher, di Resta, Hulkenberg and probably Massa to fulfil your prediction, and that’s assuming that Renault are capable of being sixth on the road.

    I also disagree that being away from Formula 1 would have been good for Raikkonen – for one, he was rallying, which is about as far away as you can get from Formula 1 whilst still racing on four wheels. And secondly, he might have the experience of KERS, but he knows nothing of DRS, fuel-heavy cars or (most importantly) the Pirelli tyres. We saw Michael Schumacher take two years off, which he spent on the Ferrari pit wall, and he is still struggling to understand the tyres. I highly doubt that Raikkonen can simply have two years off, come back and put his car further up the order than it otherwise could, should or would be.

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    You may have a point in what you say but 2012 is another kettle of (fish)races and who knows..
    with Kimi around you never know. With the new rules in place a few upsets are bound to happen. Red Bull good of course, Ferrari can better, Mclaren truly this year a disappointment to many a fan, Mercedes still a dark horse and now Lotus with Kimi R. I cant wait for the season to start. To be honest about Lotus Renault ….without Kubica a really bad can only get better and why not with the Ice Man.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    with Kimi around you never know

    Raikkonen himself has said he needs time, and that he is not expecting instant results.

    With the new rules in place a few upsets are bound to happen

    Maybe, but Renault did not have an exhaust-blown diffuser this year, so they were perhaps the closest to the 2012 technical regulations, and they struggled. They’ve already promised a conservative approach – no more experimenting with radical exhaust layouts – so I can’t see an upset that would allow Raikkonen to place sixth. In fact, I expect his focus in the first few races will be on beating Grosjean, since Grosjean has experience on the Pirelli tyres (GP2 use them) when Raikkonen does not.

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    It’s obvious that everybody here has a valid point on their 1 + 1 = 2 opinion on Kimi. And everywhere I look, people are contending that it’s a motivation issue, etc. Well, the guy came up first in Jerez on a new car and after a three-year absence so I think that proves most preconceptions wrong. I would say sit back and get the free ICEONE Racing app while we wait for the show in Melbourne.


    Good news to see him being first in Jerez (then the times went faster) anyway you can see he still has what it takes to be a good F1 driver, let’s see if the car can match his talent


    After a season….
    I read some of the comments and just one or two predicted he could win. Great!!!

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    I can’t believe it. 7 podiums, 1 win, 206 points and 3rd in the championship at the end of the season! It went much better than most people predicted.

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    Despite being a fan and remembering very well how he handled the 2009 season (scoring the most points between the British and Italian GP, if I remember correctly, winning Spa), I imagined him to do well, but with Lotus’ pace last year, I didn’t expect that much. I think both Lotus and Kimi surprised me, a very good comeback season!

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