Korean GP – anyone going?

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    Hello all,

    Is anybody here going to the Korean GP? I’m looking at tickets at the moment and trying to plan how to get there (Yeongam) from Ulsan, near Pusan. Alas there’s not a lot of information at all, apart from getting there from Seoul!

    If anybody else is going…which tickets did you go for? Where are you going to stay?

    Many thanks,



    sbl on tour

    would it not be beter going to japan, unless of course youre going there too!




    Sounds like a trip and a half! Of course that depends where you’re travelling from. See if you can find some of the tour packagaes? I know when I was at Silverstone they had a stall promoting the GP with travel. Might be worth a look at the official F1 site.



    I also saw this stand in the British GP and went to have a chat, it seemed quite expensive to me, but they had a few packages on sale that seemed to sort everything out staying and getting there wise, check the official Korean GP website.



    Yup, I’m going. Driving from Busan. Probably leaving late Friday. Unless you buy a package (which is way beyond my budget), accommodation is going to be tricky from what I’ve found so far. I’m probably going to just kip in the car for a few hours Friday night, catch the qualifying and then find a Jinjibang in Mokpo for Saturday night. Haven’t bought any tickets yet. They have sold almost none when you check availability on their website and I’m thinking of leaving it till the day. You know how the Koreans are – they’ll hand out a shed load of freebies to try and fill it out a bit and I’m hoping some nice seats will find themselves on the black market being sold outside for peanuts. Either way, I can’t see even the lower bracket tickets selling out at the current rate of sales, so will just pick up one of those on the day if necessary. Can’t believe the lack of marketing for it over here. I haven’t met a single Korean who even knows it’s happening and at the recent International Motor Show here in Busan there wasn’t so much as a poster up advertising it – despite there actually being a F1 car on the Renault stand! The ticket prices are way above any other sporting event you get in this country – even the ones that Koreans do love/are aware of! I do love living here, it’s a great place to be, but bloody hell, they couldn’t organise a piss up in the proverbial brewery!



    What about Japan & Singapore? anybody going there? I am going to both, with mates in Singapore but Japan is solo… staying in Nagoya and looking for some like minded people to hang out with over the weekend…


    Keith Collantine

    There’s already a place for this on the site where people have been posting since March:

    2010 Korean Grand Prix discussion

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