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Kubica in Merc – what do you think?

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    Avatar of myrek2008

    With that news about offer from Merc to Kubica (3-yr deal) I am wondering what you guys think about it?

    Is it a right move for Kubica? Can Brown – Kubica be new WC duo? or should he avoid another German team after failure with BMW?

    Avatar of newnhamlea1

    i wouldnt read too much into those rumours, the italian press is infamous for its manipulation of the facts.

    Avatar of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    Well it seems little more than a rumour at the moment, but undoubtedly Kubica’s only real decision is choosing between Renault and Mercedes. And, on current form, I think Renault would be the better option. I’m still not convinced that Mercedes were anything other than one hit wonders, although signing Kubica on a long term deal would give them a great chance of repeating that success

    Avatar of Steph90

    Better for Merc than it would be Kubica I feel

    Avatar of Scribe

    I agree with Steph, Renault is clearly a team on the up, while this new system hasn’t been tested over a winter, with a good base they definatley have the development pace to challenge for championships.

    Mercedes have markedly not prooved that.

    Avatar of James_mc

    I’m not sure about this one. Certainly there’s not much to choose between the two but I reckon that the next 18 months are crucial for the development of Mercedes. If they nail it, I could see them realistically luring Vettel, particularly if Webber out-performs him in the WDC this year.

    As for Kubica, the next few months are going to be important, but Mercedes seem to be standing still and Renault seem a little more like they’re moving forward.

    Avatar of wasiF1

    Kubica is doing good with Renault & hope he will help the team develop their car into a winning machine so there is no need for him to move else where at least for 2011 & Renault will be happy to keep him with them.

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