Lewis Hamilton in GQ: “Layer like a player”

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    Keith Collantine



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    Can not be unseen. :c

    … O.o

    I’ll tell you what though, if that’s fashion, I don’t mind being out of the loop.


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    *singing Last Friday Night*

    Think I need a ginger ale
    That was such an epic fail


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    Slide 4 is my personal favourite.

    Truly dreadful fashion.

    Looks like he’s burnt his bridges with Nicole now anyway, she probably doesn’t dig the ‘outrageous pillock’ look that much.


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    If you spend £1,695 on a coat, you’re doing it wrong.


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    Judi Ogadi


    Leave him alone to enjoy his celebrity lifestyle – he has bills to pay!!! Last I looked, Jenson was extolling the virtues of a particular shampoo brand…part and parcel of the game these days, move with the times or get left behind.

    A day’s photoshoot is unlikely to lose him the WDC; however, I do agree that the styling/posing is not very complimentary. What was going through the head of the Creative Director, and how these pictures passed quality control, I’ll never understand.


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    @corapearl I guess the name of the Creative Director is Fernando, while another guy called Felipe was responsible for quality control, this would totally make sense.


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    Looking at the photos made me think “Why the hell am I looking at this?”.


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    The only problem I have is that he looks awful. I don’t really care how he spends his time though especially on the off season when he has pretty much nothing else to do. last year Mark sang along to a ridiculous milk ad with the worst voice for him but if that’s what they want to do then so be it.


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    but isn’t it warming when clichés bear out?

    NNNNNope. And when is this skinny pants thing going to go the way of the dodo? It looks so uncomfortable and silly.


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    My first thought when I saw those was just “Whaaaaaat?”.


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    My first thought was “does he not own any socks?”

    Socks are nice, and can be quite fashionable I want that brown cardigan.


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    Magnificent Geoffrey


    I wish I was half as good looking as Lewis.


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    Actually, thanks to Peter US I’d like to revise my comment. This sort of style isn’t what I’d like but good for Lewis for doing it. F1 drivers back in 60s and 70s esp were known for their fashion and sense of glamour (James Hunt). If this floats Hamilton’s boat then good for him esp as he’s had a rough year by the looks of things. It must be pretty fun to have a day like that though I must admit.

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