How little do people know about F1 in Peru?

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    Just a couple of lines… Sainz Jr came in a sponsored event to make a demonstration run here in Lima. I know these events have the intention to lure more people into the sport, and it’s good to have them. Even more, I wish more teams would make events like this in my country. But I think the media coverage, and maybe the main sponsor itself (in this case Red Bull) need to organize these events a little better. THe host, a known TV presenter here, famous for fun family competition games, was definitely NOT the person who should have been in charge of presenting the car. Why? Because he said things like “This car can go as fast as 380kph (!) and said “You are watching the champion Sainz Jr (!!). Then he corrected himself, to say the cars can only run until 300kph (!!!).
    In addition (and maybe it’s my national press the one who should be in charge of this) people are mainly unaware of how F1 is running nowadays. A man told me “he was happy Hamilton won his 2nd championship in his great McLaren, and that now McLaren is the strongest team”. Another one told me “Ferrari is going down” and “Vettel became champion at 20 years old LAST YEAR”.
    I could finally engage conversation with people who knew what they were saying, but it was quite hard to find in the crowd a person who knew at least the basics (and the truth) about current F1.



    Many like fast cars but only percentage wise few know about F1. Though a world championship it’s not a known one in countries without racer or track.

    PS Are you sure they can’t go 380kph, let’s wait for Monza!?



    @omarr-pepper Don’t be disheartened. In Australia where we have had a pretty good run of things with Mark Webber and now Danny Ric. Despite all of that coverage and exposure, it is still very difficult to find people to have a descent conversation about F1 with. The crazy thing about this for me, is that I work in the autotomotive industry, but even still, the guys at work know only what I tell them about F1. However, talk about the V8 Supercars and they’re all over that like a rash and I’m the black bunny that is mildly interested in that.

    I have wondered if in England the situation is any better? After all, it is ground zero for F1 in these times. But I suspect it is still pretty hit and miss, purely because fast cars aren’t everyones cup of tea, just look at how many boring Toyota’s are sold world wide, most people view a car as getting from point A to point B. Then there are those hooligans that just want to see mayhem and destruction from cars doing stupid things, thats why Nascar exists, but then there are those like us who absolutely fall in love with F1.

    The trick is, find yourself a home on the internet, like F1F or other F1 sites where you can share and listen to others. Listen to the podcasts, keep updated with the news and just enjoy the racing when it comes. Even if others around you don’t share your interest, it doesn’t matter, it is a hobby of passion that then becomes even more special over time. It becomes apart of who you are and well, when you think about it, it distinguishes you as an individual.

    @omarr-pepper this is your home away from home :)



    The end of that comment made me feel all warm inside. But it is a good point though, I’m mad about f1 so I’m always in the loop of what’s going on. It is surprising though how little people outside of this loop actually know about one of the “biggest” sports in the world.


    @dragoll nice comment man, and to be honest, I got surprised by what you told me about Australia. Having 2 successful names in F1 and having Brabham as a past reference should be, in my opinion, enough to bring more people into the sport, at least into the circle of people already interested in other forms of car racing.
    And yes, F1F is like our “bunker” where people feel comfortable to discuss about our sport.

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