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Lotus E21 images leak before launch

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    I suppose it had to leak didn’t it!

    I suppose i have to wait to see the car properly commenting on it, bit i have to say i hate the use of red! Red ruins the black andngold look, adding more is not the answer!

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    Wow…. they kept the step nose… and parts in front of the sidepods look hideous!! The red on the car sort of make it look like an evil HRT… :S

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    although i like pure black and gold, I like this livery! it has a retro 90s feel to it. lovely!

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    I like the red actually. Because having only red endplates always looked silly to me. Introducing more red to the car makes it seem a little less like an afterthought. It also makes it look less like a cheap rip-off and more like they’re actually trying to do their own thing.

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    Russell Gould

    If you go to a website to look at pre-launch leaked pictures, I don’t think you can complain about it, like it’s some kind of spoiler. We didn’t force you to come here and look at these, did we?

    I like that the E21 is less Lotus-y. Anyone else notice that aside from the teams web address, I didn’t see the word Lotus featured anywhere on that car. Perhaps, that’s why we’re seeing more red; they’re stepping away from the shenanigans surrounding the name and sponsorship, and getting back to building fast cars. That’s okay in my book.

    Bring on the new paint! I want see how fast it goes, then perhaps its true beauty can be perceived.

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    Now I think about it, Lotus’ latest video featuring Raikkonen had more red on his suit:
    EDIT: now I think about it, I could be wrong…


    @russellgould I saw the leaks on Twitter first. I was just checking Twitter after work and saw the images and the comments about the red livery and the stepped nose and wasn’t expecting them.

    I was just looking forward to coming home after work and watching the launch with everyone else. It’s so much more fun when you can watch the launch with everyone else and share in the occasion with your fellow fanatics online. These leaks just ruin that a bit for me, but oh well.

    Profile photo of Paul

    Limos Twitter account just posted a photo of the car undera sheet. It’s slightly see through and it doesn’t look like the sidepods are red.

    Profile photo of Paul

    Kimis, not limos

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    I still can’t understand how have the images reached our computers. Did they reveal these videos?

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    Force Maikel

    If anyone is still interested

    Getting on the Lotus f1 Website is tricky at the moment it is constantly freezing up one me so i figured i post the link here for my fellow F1 fanatics.

    Profile photo of Russell Gould
    Russell Gould

    It’s morning here, so I’m putting on a fresh batch of coffee. Wake up and smell the E21. Go, Kimi!

    Profile photo of Force Maikel
    Force Maikel

    I can imagine Eric Boulier getting very angry at a certain Lotus employee that knew what he was doing and didn’t need reminding every second not to upload the press pictures just yet.

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    Keith Collantine

    @briggerz Raikkonen doesn’t have a Twitter account.

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