Lotus Renault Launch

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    I dont know if this has been picked up on anywhere already as i cant find a news story. But i just got an email through from Autosport show. quote from the email


    On the 15th of january.

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    Cool, that’s three teams that have announced their launch.

    Lotus – 15th January

    Sauber – 31st January

    Toro Rosso – 1st February

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    I assume we’re not talking about Fake Fernandes’ Lotus Renault but instead Even Faker Proton Lotus Renault?

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    Something seems strange about this. I cant find it anywhere on the internet. Would you mind posting the whole email exactly as its written?

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    Is this Lotus, or Renault? I wish everyone could refrain from adding sponsor and engine supplier names to the chassis name. We have Renault and Lotus next year, and yet they can be referred to as Lotus Renault GP and Team Lotus Renault… Chassis name only please!

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    Fernandes’ Lotus team is called Team Lotus-Renault just now.

    Lotus-Renault is the Enstone based team that Kubica drives for, and won the championship twice with Alonso.

    Therefore I would conclude it is the latter that is launching at the autosport show.

    Question! Fernandes Lotus were sposored by Proton last year, will the sponsorship stay even though Proton now have their own team in the Lotus Renault team?

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    @icthyes – Your explanation of the authenticity of the two Lotuses is perfectly right, and it’s like I had always thought it without ever being able to put it down in such a clear way.

    @calum – If Proton remained I would be seriously upset because Proton have dissociated themselves form Fernandes.

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    Regardless of who everyone feels is more entitled to the name Lotus (we all know that neither team is a direct continuation of the original Team Lotus), for the sake of not confusing ourselves any more than we need to, I think the basic team names should be used without any title sponsor or engine supplier names tagged on. No one refers to Williams as Williams-Cosworth in normal coloquial speak, and no one refers to McLaren as Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. I will still refer to Lotus Renault GP as Renault (as their chassis is called) and Team Lotus Renault as Lotus (as their chassis is called). I’m still not entirely clear which team is referenced in the original post here, but I assume it to be the Enstone based The-artist-formerly-known-as-Renault-Benneton-Toleman-etc…

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    So now we know why Autosport called Bahar’s team the ‘real deal’, so they can drum up some sales for their own show…

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    I have veiws on the situation. They are thus.


    Im sticking with Fernandes Lotus, just as he seems marginally less of a corporate alien b******. Nicking brand identity for eventual long term profit/prestige he may be, but by god he’s a nicer bloke than that total pillok Bahar.

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    The Last Pope

    I really hope someone from the UK Advertising Standards Authority sees this car launch and then shoots them down for illegal tobacco advertising. That would teach Bahar not to steal a different team’s history.

    And as punishment they should be forced to run their cars in neon pink lol.

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    A nice early launch.

    As much as I dont like the way Group Lotus has acted, I can’t not like the team because essentially it is exactly the same as the Renault team I fully supported this year, it is the same blokes back at Enstone…so I guess I will be supporting two Lotus teams next year

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    Bradley Downton

    @silverkeg i completely agree, i loved Renault this year ,they were awesome but i hate the way Proton/Group Lotus have acted against Team Lotus (real[er] Lotus) but its the same team and i like Kubica so….. But i like Team Lotus and Kovalaianen… as Harry Hill would say Guess theres only one way to find out…. :D

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    Why couldn’t Renault just stay… I mean they were great racers!

    Why couldn’t Lotus cars just embrace Team Lotus and sponsor them – they could have worked together….

    I guess it’s cause it’s F1 and there’s no place for common sense! ;)

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    Well we’re due a decision from the courts soon aren’t we to sort all this crap out?

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