Who would make up your ‘optimal F1 grid’ in 5 years’ time?

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    Iestyn Davies

    There have been a few similar threads to this, but as it’s quite hard to know which teams will still exist, or who driving for who, considering the stories starting in this year’s silly season, I’m now thinking of just a list of the top 22, 24 or 26 drivers that you would consider the ‘perfect’ F1 line-up in five years’ time. By then, I imagine that Alonso will have retired, as he’ll be approaching 38. My list, by rough age/experience order:

    1. Hamilton (Mercedes)
    2. Rosberg (Mercedes)
    3. Vettel (Ferrari)
    4. Grosjean (Lotus)
    5. Hulkenberg (Force Mexico)
    6. Ricciardo (Red Bull)
    7. Bottas (Williams)
    8. Bianchi (Ferrari)
    9. Perez (Force Mexico)
    10. Magnussen (McLaren)
    11. Kvyat (Red Bull) – (11 drivers from the current grid)
    12. Nasr (Williams)
    13. Sainz Jr (Toro Rosso)
    14. Vandoorne (McLaren)
    15. Frijns (Sauber)
    16. Marciello (Sauber)
    17. Evans (Haas.. or whatever comes of the 12th team entry)
    18. Ocon (Lotus)
    19. Gasly (Toro Rosso)
    20. Verstappen (Haas)
    21. Fuoco (Marussia)
    22. de Vries (Marussia)
    23. Olsen (Caterham)
    24. Kirchhofer (Caterham) – (The next German F1 driver.. once Vettel and Hulkenberg retire)

    Testers: Bonifacio (Caterham), Sirotkin, Tuscher (Sauber), Juncadella (Mercedes), Merhi (Force Mexico), Rowland (McLaren), Lynn (Toro Rosso), Vergne (Red Bull), Ellinas, King (Marussia), Stanaway, Sorensen (Lotus), Stroll (Ferrari), Auer, Blomqvist, Bernstorff (Haas), Albon, Dennis, Fittipaldi, Leclerc, Isaakyan (YDT).


    Theo Parkinson

    I guess Sainz isn’t likely to be on that list anymore… I pretty much agree with your first 11 (I don’t know that much about junior formulas) but I wouldn’t have Perez, even though he is likely with the Mexican Gp returning. I think he is a great pay driver, but the guy just doesn’t get points, and a lot of his standout performances come from the starting just outside of the top 10 advantage.


    Iestyn Davies

    This thread was lost in the mystery of time… but looking back now, indeed Perez looks optimistic, but of all the sponsored drivers, he’s the best representative. Maybe Verstappen could take his place in the rankings by this time next year….

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