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Malaysian GP – weather forecast

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    Keith will be posting the ‘official’ F1Fanatic weather forecast on Thursday, but until then:

    At the moment the chance of rain is 30% for all three GP days according to meteoblue. Temperatures will exceed 30C every day. However, has also published their weather predictions: dry on Saturday and Sunday, but an evil looking thundercloud on Sunday.

    From recent years: the trend in Malaysia has been that the morning is dry and heavy rain starts falling in the late afternoon, right when FP2, quali and the race will take place.

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    No point predicting the weather here really. There are rain storms everyday in the area. Its just how early in the evening do they arrive and whether they pass over the track or miss it by a km or two. Thats something you cant predict im afraid.

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    Bradley Downton

    If there’s one weather forecast I’ve stopped getting excited about over the years, it’s Malaysia. There is no points whatsoever trying to predict where and when it will rain there because it just decides what it wants to do on an hourly basis. The only thing we can predict is the amount of rain.

    A lot.

    EDIT: @sato113 beat me too it…

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    Aish Heydrich

    @sato113: Are you from Malaysia? If so have you been to the GP ever? It’s one of my favourite track. :)

    Profile photo of Alex green
    Alex green

    Rained every day between 4-4,30 pm a few weeks ago when i was there with work,

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    @aish no but i’d live to go to the malaysian gp. it’s so cheap and the circuit looks amazing.

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    As long as we don’t get a large rain delay, or a short race due to red flags, I’ll be happy. I love back-to-back weekends of racing!

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    Here’s hoping for a dry race. Really wish to see what the teams can do, now that they know more about the tires. That should give a better indications about performance. This time: rather a interesting dry race than an entertaining race in the wet.

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    Master firelee

    The thing about wet races is you mostly don’t get a standing start, I wouldn’t mind rain coming in in the last 10 or so laps but it might get red flagged again and I don’t want that, so i’m hoping for a dry race to have a better understanding of where teams are at the moment.

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    Alex green

    @steven Yip no rain delays ive got a flight o catch :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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