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Manufacturer V Customer

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    How many instances are there of works teams fighting customer teams for a championship title? Say Red Bull and Renault or McLaren and Mercedes.

    Were most of these won by the works team, as one would suspect, or is it evenly mixed.

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    Well, Red Bull is not a customer team. Although they do have Renault engines (is that what you mean?), the chasis is pure Red Bull. Same for McLaren. A customer team is like (looking back) Merzario and Rebaque, they had chasis AND engine from an already built up team. Didn’t Spyker also have a customer car, man, forgot….

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    spyker never used a customer car, remember they already had the infrastructure and staff to build a car from the jordan days.

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    Would the most recent customer team be Toro Rosso..until this year?

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    by customer I meant customer engines, as opposed to the works team. i.e mercedes and renault

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    I was thinking about this and I can’t actually think of a team that won either Championship whilst being an engine customer of a manufacturor that had a full works team at the time. Red Bull or McLaren could become the first

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    I suppose prior to the 2010 season, McLaren were seen as the de facto Mercedes “works” team – well principle customer at least and they were beaten by Brawn?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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