Marquez, Vettel and exceeding track limits

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    It probably doesn’t help that the track looks like it was designed for cars twice the size of F1 cars, they can get the whole bloody thing on the curbs. Poor track design and poor stewarding…


    Jon Sandor

    I don’t blame them, but I just cannot buy into the argument that it isn’t an advantage

    How can it be an advantage if everyone does it? By definition any advantage one driver gains is cancelled out by other drivers doing the same thing and getting the same advantage.

    And this isn’t anything new, at most GP’s you can see most (all?) of the drivers going off the track at some point in qualifying.


    Iestyn Davies

    The thing is, the FIA are changing their minds now – Monza’s accepted track run-off at Ascari was stopped last year, and now here they can run as wide as they like, even when it’s on the inside of a corner. Seeing how far ahead Vettel is, and the amounts of downforce produced by the Red Bull, I’m sure he can be full throttle and straight wheeled over the astroturf. That car is on rails!

    If Whiting shows us tomorrow the lap-time delta starts going backwards (i.e. speed loss from the increased friction outweighs the straight lining) when all 4 wheels are on astroturf/kerb then I will believe him, sadly I fear this will not be the case. But surely it must be, if they have come out with this “they are not gaining an advantage” line.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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