Massa Out?

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    Who else thinks Massa will not be at Ferrari next year?

    *raises hand*

    If he is released, it will create an interesting situation in the drivers market. There are many drivers driving at the mid-lower tier who have been waiting for a shot in a top-10 seat, namely: Hulk, Sutil, Senna, Chandy, Kobayashi, diGrassi.

    Most of these guys will eventually get there, they probably just hope it happens sooner rather than later (and not like Sutil, who is a bit stuck atm)

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    he’ll stay, there’s too much of an emotional bond there..plus, I don’t think Alonso would want his malleable team-mate out

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    If I were Massa, I’d want out of Ferrari. I’d probably try and do a straight swap with Hulkenberg. Or maybe look into repalcing Webber at Red Bull if the Australian leaves.

    One thing is for sure: he deserves better than Ferrari.

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    Dan Thorn

    He’ll stay. Any suggestion that he won’t is just a result of the static nature of the driver market this year. Now that Massa knows the situation he’ll want to give it another go next year – he’s not the sort of driver to walk away from a challenge. If he does leave Ferrari, I think it would be at the end of next year and on his terms rather than the teams.

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    Dont see any reason why Massa wont be at Ferrari next year. He has not been very good this year but he deserves another chance. Kimi had overshadowed him completely in 2007 but he came back well in 2008 and reversed the roles.

    I dont think Massa will quit as he knows he has nothing better to go for at the moment. The only hope for him would be Webber leaving which is possible, but I dont think that he would go from Ferrari where they inclined towards Alonso because he was performing better to a team which in Webber’s point of view are favoring Vettel no matter what.

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    Kimi had overshadowed him completely in 2007

    Rather unfair it’s remembered this way. Massa’s deficit to Raikkonen was only 14 points, factor in Raikkonen’s win in Brazil which would bring the gap to 10 points. This before Ferrari supposedly started to suit the car more to Massa’s liking.

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    sbl on tour

    cant see him going, ferrari are like united once you leave your career goes downhill lets face it

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    Di Grassi, Really? I don’t see him in a top team Glock looks so much better in that car, so much better.

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    Some interesting suggestions for drivers on the way up Nik, Chandock Senna and DiGrassi? More like, drivers in danger of loosing their drives in the sport.

    Still, Massa deserves another year, really judgements can only be made after 2011, an if he’s back on form, this will only be considered a blip in the career of a driver whose pretty much got better year on year since he joined F1.

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    Red Andy

    Really, why would Massa leave? If reports are to be believed, he already sought assurances that he would be allowed to fight for the championship in 2011 were he to stay with Ferrari. And there are no other drives available, in which Massa would have any better chance of fighting for the title.

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    @scribe I am not suggesting that I believe they are on their way up, more that they themselves expect to be on the way up. I agree that most of them would be better off focusing on keeping a seat, but many F1 drivers seem to have a sense of entitlement (esp Sutil)

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    It’s not ideal for Massa, and even if he did want to leave at the end of this year, where could he go? I guess the only place would be Red Bull, if Webber retires.

    But I don’t think Ferrari would want him to go. He’s clearly a good driver- he just seems worse in Alonso’s shadow. Sure, these last few races have been pretty poor, but at the start of the season, he was driving well.

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    Hopefully, Massa can resolve his tyre issues and put in some better performances next season. I feel if he improves, he fits well enough in Ferrari, as he would be quick enough to consistently pick up good points, but he will never be as good as Alonso. He would kind of be like Jenson; a bit of a tortoise compared to his teammate, but has picked up solid points without being a serious title threat.

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    I agree with Todfod. He may never be a serious title contender whilst Alonso is his team mate, but solid finishes and points makes him good in terms of the Constructors’ Championship.

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    Thread lost all it’s credibility when I read Senna, Chandy and diGrassi. Honestly, put any of them at Ferrari and they’d be lucky to end up in the points.

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