Massa vs. Kubica

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    Consider this.

    Should Kubica be deemed capable of setting relatively competitive laptimes in his test in October, why would Ferrari decide to stick with Massa? Even if Kubica doesn’t have a potential world champion in him anymore, I doubt he’d perform worse than Felipe. Even if that would indeed be the case, what does Ferrari have to lose by hiring Kubica? Putting aside the possibility that Massa would dramatically improve next season, Ferrari would still lose out to any other team that has a similarly performing car but two scoring drivers (McLaren), but thanks to Alonso beat those that have considerably slower machinery (Mercedes). Considering that Massa is losing Ferrari second in the constructor’s championship but isn’t actually helping them remain third, hiring Kubica can only be profitable.

    Of course, Alonso might not be a happy bunny should Kubica be as strong as he was prior to his accident. However, considering that Massa isn’t even quick enough to support a potential title challenge by Alonso, I fail to see how the negatives of a quick Kubica outweigh the positives.

    If Kubica turns out to be able to set representative lap times I fail to see why Ferrari would want to keep Massa over him. It’s not as big of a gamble as it seems it is; he would either be as quick as Felipe or even slower – which wouldn’t really matter all that much for the constructor’s championship due to Alonso stellar performances – or he would be massively quicker than him.

    Your thoughts?

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    I have thought of that scenario after Renault said they would give him until late October to prove that he is the same driver but Massa has a contract if I remember correctly. Sure, Ferrari arent the most trustworthy team when it comes to contracts but it seems like they dont want anybody to bother Alonso. Fernando might even block Kubica despite being very good friends with him. Although it seems unlikely I sure hope he gets a drive from the red team and I feel confident that he can return just as good as he was before with some testing (preseason should do).

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    If Massa is out I see Perez in their not sure whether they will take in Kubica.

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    Because Alonso dont’t want a challenger at his home. And Ferrari is his home, he had paid for that! (just look at that big sponsor on the chest). Remember what Renault made with Trulli in 2004 when the italian was overperforming?

    Anyway, consider this. If Raikkonen and Alonso fought for title in 2005 (with Kimi showing more speed than the spaniard, IMHO), and if Massa and Raikkonen got similar performances with Ferrari..how can you explicate the huge gap Alonso have on the brazilian? Massa isn’t the drivers he was two years ago, mainly because Ferrari wants him to play the second fiddle to Alonso. Pretty clear. And maybe it’s the best tactic to win drivers’ title. Not the manufacturers’

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    filippinator there is another possibility. The cars of this season (tires, regulation etc) are very different from the cars of season 08. I just don’t think Felipe has really come to terms with all of that… yet?

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    maybe you’re right.. But skilled drivers like those guys should get used to new regulations pretty soon.. IMHO, of course.

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    I can’t see the point of putting Kubica into a Ferrari; Massa is past his best and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later but he should be replaced with someone such as Perez, di Resta or Kobayashi who has still got a lot to learn but has the potential to be a very good driver.

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    There’s no point in hiring Kubica when he may not even be any good any more. I didn’t want Kubica in a ferrari pre-crash so I definitely don’t want him in a red car until he’s shown he can race competitively again.

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    Tom L.

    A bit off-topic but the first thing I thought of when I saw the title was this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbb70UDFFQg

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    Kubica’s still relatively young, it would be better to give him a year in Renault before deciding whether he’s still worth hiring or not.

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