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    So I was wondering around on YouTube and I found Murray Walker having a pretty bad time at answering questions on Mastermind. I have always thought if I ever had anywhere near the intelligence to go on that show I would of course pick F1 as my subject.

    So how did you do against the following questions? (I didn’t do that well, but it was still better than murray!)



    Im suprised he did that badly! I got all but three right.



    Woah! Murray did very badly! I got 6 right but most of these where wayyyyyy before I was born so thats not too bad.



    That was disappointing. Did anyone watch a Question of Sport with Jake Humphrey? He was asked a question about a driver who won at Interlagos in 2008, he started reciting about the last corner with Glock and what not and he said he said Glock was on slicks….I face palmed at this. This made it firm in my mind that he only got into F1 when he landed that job. I mean it was the easiest moment to recite in the history of F1. I hate his smug face…


    Tom L.

    I got all but three as well… yeah you’d have expected Murray to remember that Goodyear pulled out after 1998, or Mansell’s incident in Adelaide…

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