Masters Thesis based on F1…suggestions needed!

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    Hello everyone!

    I am currently starting the process of writing my Master thesis (Marketing major). One advice our supervisor gives us is to always write about something you actually care about, so what could be better than F1?! :)

    Problem is, I am dry of ideas. But here is where you come in. I am making a call for the F1 Fanatic readership to pitch ideas about some interesting topics that relate to marketing that I could write the thesis about. A couple of topics that I have thought of already revolve around the impact of sponsorhip and the general profile of the F1 fanatics (my hypothesis is that it differs drastically from other sports).

    Bear in mind that this will be a reviewed and published masters thesis when its finished so it might actually end up been quite interesting. Naturally, I will share it with you and even if @keithcollantine is ok with it, I wouldnt mind putting it up for download here in case someone else is interested in writing something similar or reading it.

    So…..What ideas do you have? (I know it sounds narrow to do it about “Marketing” but that could mean a number of things, so please fire away!)



    Could you look at how drivers market themselves to teams and sponsors? Compare it to other sports, particularly whether it’s most prevalent and vital to success in F1.



    If you can’t find any ideas by your own, maybe it’s not the right topic. Having interest in the topic is important, but knowing something about it, and how it relates to your career is more.

    If you can’t find a connection by your own it’s better to change the topic instead of trying to force your interests into it, which will only make your life harder and potentially compromise the quality of the results.



    I’d like to see something on how city/state/national governments use F1 races to redefine themselves as a brand. Melbourne wants to be “events” city having stolen the race from Adelaide and bidding on every major sporting event they can think of. Singapore, according to what I’ve read, are using the race to redefine themselves as the “event” capital of Asia. this is to me is no doubt to insulate themselves from the fluctuations of the finance sector, possible loss of shipping revenue from the opening of the ice free route to Europe across the arctic from the industrial powerhouses of China Korea and Japan. There’s also an expected decline for their air travel sector now that long range flights from Australia to Europe (one example) can bypass Singapore as the traditional refuel stop.



    As it’s about marketing and F1, maybe a look at North America and the major motor manufacturers. As I see it, some of the major manufacturers have not entered F1 teams or have pulled out because F1 is not a major sport in the area where their biggest market is.



    How does the image of F1 affect peoples purchases? Is success linked to peoples buying choices. Have Renault seen an increase in european and asian sales due to thier links with Red Bull. Did Rothmans sell more cigarettes when they sponsored the dominant Williams years. How much money does Ferrari merchandising bring in compared to car sales. There are innumerate links to success in sport and retail spin offs. I think you will enjoy writing this thesis. Good luck.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I actually have a degree in marketing and was considering doing a thesis before I took up education, where I teach Commerce and Business Studies.

    The reason why I say this is simple: a thesis is a major research project. You need to find a subject that is as broad as possible and narrow it down into something specific and measurable. And I seriously doubt you will find that in Formula 1. You would probably be better off examining the costs and benefits of sports sponsorship in general, citing Formula 1 as an example. But if you limit your purview to Formula 1 and Formula 1 alone, you’re going to struggle. In about six months, you’re going to discover that you don’t have enough material to satisfy your content requirements. The fact that you turned to an internet forum to brainstorm ideas so quickly should have been your first warning sign.



    @jp There are a million stories in F1. You are spoilt for choice as the circus crosses so many paths. There’s also a wealth of very well researched information out there so data won’t be a problem. You’re obviously clever enough to know that the best ideas don’t come from one single brain, it’s about collaboration. Asking the question on this site is a perfect way to get disparate ideas from around the world. I created, ran and have recently sold my advertising and marketing business and I can tell you that not one individual was ever responsible for a great idea. Keep asking.



    @prisoner-monkeys put it as succinctly and truthfully as anyone could.

    I know a few guys doing F1 related topics, but they’re under engineering in general, mostly aerodynamics. They just happen to be in on a topic applicable to F1 and motorsports in general.



    Just jumping in since I see most of these posts have no reco or actionable areas for a thesis. Here you go, some ideas. I’m not sure if you are in a graduate program, but I’m assuming so.

    1. A case study on how a brand is built from its roots: Ferrari as an iconic brand from humble beginnings about 70years ago. How loyalty is inspired among its fans. How the brand is activated across continents, how consumers relate to the brand, how it aspires luxury, performance, elegance, italiana, power, creed etc.

    2. A case study on how to market a sport: F1 is one of the few universal sports, why, what needs does it mean for a consumer, how its rituals and icons are built, how it sells glamor, sex, racing as a package, as a construct to elevate daily lives, national identities and motivations of millions etc. Why it is such a british sport that fails to seize imaginations of American psyche.

    3. A study on paradigms of icons: Racing is full of rituals, icons, imagery, logos, sounds, colorful images, branding and iconography. What do those icons represent, what does these rituals bring and the emotions it activates, how f1 is a herd, an exclusive club, what role does icons play in our daily lives and how brands exploit them (a good example – Marlboro).



    Implications of the GFC on Formula 1 sponsorship?
    Implications of the post-tobacco advertising ban on sponsorship?
    Social media strategy in sport, using F1 as an example?
    Global strategy (how does a company get ROI from a global strategy, overcoming differences between strategies in different markets)
    You could do a case study into how Red Bull uses F1 and other motor sport as a marketing tool.



    90% of all activity around the entire F1 circus is about marketing/money. The problem is choosing the focus.

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