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F1 discussion

McLaren F1 Bathurst Vids

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    Here’s one. Please add more as you find them!

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    Thats the best video Ive seen of it yet. Ive been searching youtube and watching them as they pop up.

    Can’t wait to see a full on-board. Hopefully there will be one on RPM tonight..

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    Awesome!! We can get our bets verified.. I thought 1.48 was a bit laid back myself ;)

    Profile photo of GeorgeTuk

    Kudos to Lowndes being only 1 second slower.

    Profile photo of nik

    judging from the videos I have seen I think button was probably 3-4 seconds off what pushing it would be. he seemed to dawdle over the top of the mountain

    Profile photo of RIISE

    I guess the balance wasn’t right =P

    Profile photo of dennis

    I’m not really sure I’d floor it over the mountain either. Looks spectacular.

    I wish Heidfeld would have been allowed to do a quicker run on the northern loop.


    Did Button have a go in the V8 Supercar as well? Anyone have the times?

    Profile photo of SouthAussie94

    From memory Lowndes did a 2:11 in the V8, with Button doing a 2:18. I can’t find the article where I read the times but it was something along the lines of that.

    Did anyone catch Button’s interview on RPM? He was saying that if he was given more laps he feels that he could have gone flat out from The Cutting right up to the Esses.. That would have been insane to see.. The laptime surely would have been below 1:40

    Profile photo of ed24f1

    Yes, Button was 6 seconds slower than Lowndes in the V8 reportedly.

    So it seems that track knowledge is much more important than car knowledge, based on the time comparisons between the drivers.

    Profile photo of dennis

    Certainly one could be lead to that conclusion. On the other hand I think Lowndes was going a lot harder in V8 than Jenson did with the F1. The McLaren probably ran a very high downforce level, which shouldn’t make it too hard for a professional race driver like Lowndes to get into it rather decently.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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