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McLaren Different Front Wings at Spa

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    Did any one else notice that Hamilton and Button ran different front wings in qualifying?



    Looks like Hamilton is using the higher downforce version which we’ve seen more of this season. Fits with his more oversteer driving style, and Button’s preference for understeer.

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    No, you are right. I checked the pics on, they are running different front wings.

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    They mentioned this in the one of the practice session commentary bits…

    I think it’s driver prefrence, Lewis’s front wing is the one he ran at Silverstone and Jenson is on the newer version.

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    Lewis is actually running the pre Silverstone spec wing

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    Odd that Button would choose for a high downforce setup when Spa is more a low to medium downforce circuit.

    I thought the sound of the McLarens was pretty odd too. Haven’t seen much information about it yet though.

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    What this does do it point the lie to McLaren’s line that Hamilton and Button are “not that different” in setup and the car suits both of them equally. The front wing is the most fundamental part of the car’s aero and for a team to run two totally different wings is something of a last resort, really.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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