McLaren Olympic bikes?

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    My local newspaper says that the french are complaining about the team GB wheels wich where developed with the Mclaren F1 team. they claim the hide them until the race is about to start and that they give extra speed, anyone knows anything about this ??


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    I read that the British replied that the only reason they put the wheels in wraps, is to keep them clean, which seems a bit far fetched, but given how they take every miniscule factor into account, it could be the truth. Or maybe it’s to warm the wheels/tyres for some kind of performance benefit?


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    Younger Hamii


    @joac21 Are you referring to the bikes used for the Track Cycling events actually being developed by McLaren? I know McLaren have their own manufactured bikes but the use of them is what I’m really keen on.


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    Lotus also made track bikes in the late 80s and early 90s. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotus_108


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    I thought the wheels/tyres are made by a French company called “Mavic” who supplied the French team, Team GB and the Australian team. I believe that Mclaren was involved with the Team GB cycling team somehow, but it wasnt over the wheels.


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    I think one of the biggest areas of importance is material science, which is something I can imagine McLaren helping with.


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    As previously stated, the wheels are ironically French. The idea of keeping them dirt-free does tie in with Brailsford’s mantra of cumulative marginal gains. I do recall McLaren being mentioned but I can’t remember in what sense. Perhaps it was analysis and conditioning?


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    my knowledge of bike is approximately zero, but i want this:


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