Mclaren try Higher Nose in Mugello

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    Images have emerged from Thursday evenings session at mugello, clearly indicating Mclaren are trying a radical new front nose!!

    I’m fascinated by this, surely a team that very early on took a different approach to their nose, would not want to be radically changing it in the 5th round of the season, but to try and maximise the current package.





    Well that’s hideous. The red on the nose only highlights it. If they stick with it, I think that makes Force India the best looking car now.



    Well it certainly isn’t pretty, but I don’t think its a great looking car in the first place.
    Anyway, thats not what F1 is about. Its about speed, and if their car is a little faster with the higher nose then thats the best solution. No matter what the philosophy was when they started designing the car.



    I think it looks okay, I’d quite like it if they switched, I miss the days when a new car would turn up half way through the season and upgrades would be so major the cars would look totally different.



    The car still looks alright. It’s Probably still the best looking car in the field.

    I thought Mclaren wasn’t bringing any major updates to the Mugello test. Since when did a completely different new nose not qualify as a major update?


    Keith Collantine

    The new nose will be run in Spain this weekend, more here:

    McLaren to run higher nose in Spain

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