Melbourne GP too late?

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    I live not far from Albert Park and I have to point out that at 7:00pm last night (approx. finish time), it was already really dark (way too dark for racing). Like last year, I can see this years race finishing in extremely dark conditions.

    However daylight savings ends on Saturday night/Sunday morning, which means it will be even darker for the race on Sunday.

    So who else thinks they should bring the race forward on the schedule to avoid this? I know it is in this timeslot to cater for European TV audiences, but having this race so late may cause us to have only half a race.



    I have always thought that holding these races (Korea and Malaysia included) in the early evening is a real unneeded risk. Apart from the obvious lighting problems for the drivers when the race is run even on time, their is also little scope possible delays due to weather, accidents or multiple safety cars etc. Its just a matter of time i feel before a whole race has to be cancelled, or even worse a terrible accident happens due too these scheduling times.

    Also on a personal note, i much rather to stay up late to watch qualifying and the race, then having to get up very early on a weekend, but maybe that’s just me ;)

    Australian GP also used to be a the “party” race for my friends and me. Every year we would have a night out, and then return to a home after the pub’s close to watch the race in spirited moods ;)..



    I think casual fans wouldn’t really care that the mid-day showing was a repeat enough to warrant the current schedule. And it makes it hell for North American viewers too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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