Michael Schumacher injured in skiing accident

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    Colossal Squid

    One of the things that gives me hope is seeing the likes of Richard Hammond and Felipe Massa suffered from massively violent head trauma, only to make a full recovery. I very, very much hope Michael Schumacher can recover in the same way these men have. At least he’s being seen to by friends and experts in the area. He’ll have the very best medical treatment available.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Gary Hartstein is providing some insight on the nature of Schumacher’s injuries and why his doctors are doing what they are doing:


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    Ed Marques

    Apparently the coma is not inducted. He appears to have arrived on the second hospital in a coma and underwent urgent cirurgical procedure.

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    Critical condition according to BBC news, he is receiving treatment from “Frances top neurosurgeon”

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    Oh my, unexpected and unpleasant to hear. Hope he makes a full recovery!

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    @colossal-squid Yes, I’m thinking the same. I hope and pray he will pull through.

    @vonhoff Not sure, but that could be Gerard Saillant, a very good friend of Michael’s and Jean Todt’s. He was the guy who treated Michael through his 1999 leg injury.

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    @journeyer , yes that’s the one, couldn’t make out the BBC news mans garbled pronounciation lol, but they did say the doctor involved treated his broken legs back in 99.

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    I seriously hope he makes a full recovery, what terrible news :(

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    Jarred Walmsley

    Heres hoping he’ll pull through, thankfully he was wearing a ski helmet, from the reports of his current condition, that most likely saved his life.

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    The recent reports I’ve read are a bit unsettling, I really hope Schumacher pulls through.

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    Shocking news, come on Michael please be ok :(

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    Keith Collantine

    Given the amount of conflicting information which was circulating about this initially I preferred to wait until things had calmed down before mentioning it on the site. This has now been done in the round-up, and discussion can continue there:

    F1 Fanatic round-up: Schumacher in “critical” state after skiing accident

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