Michelin may become next F1 tyre maker (BBC)

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    Considering I didn’t start watching F1 until 2010, I don’t really consider that nostalgia.


    I’d still prefer it if Pirelli went. Yes, the problems are because of what they were asked to do, but they don’t seem that good at doing it.

    How? They’ve done what has been asked of them and made races far more exciting since they came into the sport in 2011. They’ve also had minimal actual track testing time aside from pre-season testing, so they’ve had to do a lot of guess work as to how to make the tyres do what the teams and the FIA want them to do.

    Sure, they got things a bit wrong in Spain, but what happened at Silverstone was a result of a load of factors out of their control – things like the teams running extreme cambers and pressures outside of Pirelli’s own recommendations, putting tyres designed to go on the left side of the car on the right side and having their harder compounds that they asked the teams to allow them to introduce blocked by the teams after some of them vetoed it.

    People who think Pirelli are somehow ‘failing’ at their job really are looking at this whole situation at face value and not considering the full picture at all.



    I would be very sad to see Pirelli go. They’ve entered the sport with the intent of making it more interesting for us at the risk of ruining their own reputation as a tyre company. Whether or not they’ve made the racing more interesting is a matter of opinion, but I can think of few other major corporations which have entered F1 willing to make things better for the fans. And in a sport which so frequently leaves its fans out in the cold, I think that’s worth a lot.


    Aish Heydrich

    Waiting for Bild to confirm it. :P



    Oh man!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes again!!!! ;) hahahhahahhaa ALO had his way when paired with Michellins!!!!! This is awesome news!!! Way to go Jean Todt!!!
    It was about time we had another Tyre war! It will finally make the suppliers actually make good tyres!

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