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    Before the race in Melbourne the drivers got together at the front of the grid for a minute silence to commemorate the lives lost in Japan.

    I noticed that the Australian coverage talked all the way through it – even continuing to interview personell on the grid, which I thought was very poor form. When the interview finished, they showed a top-view of the grid and the commentator mentioned, almost embarrassingly, that they had just finished the minute silence

    Did any of the other broadcasters pay attention to it and note it, or did they just talk straight through it as well?

    I thought Channel 10 in Australia were being very disrespectful.



    British tv shut right up during the minutes silence, however brundle (rightfully so) talked over the replay of it.



    thanks, I figured it must have only been Channel 10 in Australia – pretty bad. You could tell that the commentators felt awkward when they realized what the director had done



    Same here in Germany. All silent.



    All silent in Star Sports in Asia they only probably showed the last 20 seconds but as replay. Do agree that they could have showed it live, money is more to them then 1 minute of heart that goes to Japan.SHAME TO STAR SPORTS


    Nic Morley

    Yes it was so poor. I felt they were being quite disrespecctful, even the crowd wouldn’t shut the F up. Wasn’t really a minute silence at all. :-/



    I was sitting on the inside of turn 1 and apart from all the helicopters, it was almost dead silent. (Although there were a few people that mustn’t have understood what was gong on and continued their conversations)


    I was outside of Turn 1 and it was the same. Everyone stood and removed their caps. We even had a cheer of approval when the trackside commentators mentioned about Christchurch as well.


    Adam Tate

    Damon and Geoffrey, that is fantastic to hear. All too often I fear society is loosing its sense of reverence. I’m glad to hear it was alive and well in Australia this Sunday.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    which I thought was very poor form

    Sums up pretty much the entire Australian coverage of Formula 1.



    channel 10 and OneHD in australia have no way of contacting them online .. wanted to send them an email to ask them to apologize for blowing this, esp considering every other broadcaster respected the minute silence


    Stephen Jones

    it was pretty badly advertised at the track..

    the commentators were rambling on about something then BAM! out of nowhere the minutes silence began.

    otherwise, it was dead quiet (mind a couple of rude people walking the stairs)



    Well in the coverage of the Qatar MotoGP race the Arabic speaking anchors for MotoGP on Al Jazeera Sports talked right the way through the moments silence they had, completely oblivious to what was going on (even though it was clearly a moments silence for Japan). You are right, its bad form.

    I followed the BBC coverage of the Aus GP, so can’t comment on what happened over here.



    Here’s a video of the F1 tribute to Japan – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqRTqz-tbEE&feature=youtu.be



    The BBC pre race build up was silent for a minute, but when it switched to the world wide video cover, a replay was shown – I guess Brundle and DC were right to talk over the replay given they had taken part in the real thing just 2 mins before the replay!!

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