Modern F1 at Hermanos Rodriguez

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    rob lomas

    What is Carlos Slim’s twitter or Facebook?


    Iestyn Davies

    It’s a shame they can’t use the classic GPL era layout as the parts have been built over with some minor stuff. So they could if they really want to. But I have a feeling we will get the chicane before Peraltada, that’s on the map already, or the CART layout that ran through the baseball stadium (solves a spectator problem as well), with improvements to the track consisting of modernising the general appearance to current F1 standards, i.e. lots of tarmac run-off and a polished look, and adding more paddock facilities.

    I agree that Peraltada at full speed with SAFER/tec-pro barriers and Paul Ricard abrasive run-off with high catch fences would be intimidating with the modern cars! I think the only problem could be if cars made contact while going through it flat, and for this reason the FIA will probably not allow it to happen.



    I don’t know how up-to-date the Google Maps aerial view is, but if it’s fairly recent, it looks like they need to do a lot of work to bring it up to anywhere near what Bernie considers a modern F1 standard. It’ll certainly be very double standards of him if he thinks the facilities at that circuit are fine as they are for his brand of motor racing.



    Hmmm, I don’t know why there would be any problem with just putting SAFER barrier and catch fencing around it. I think the real reason why it won’t happen though is because they are scared of crashes. Its odd, because Indy has HUGE crashes when compared to F1 crashes, and the Indy drivers just take it as the risk it is.


    Here are several crashes from Practice and Qualifying for the Indy 500 last year. As you can see, there were some really big crashes, much bigger than anything F1 has had in terms of impact in many years. Still, all the drivers walked away. Why? Because of the SAFER barrier. They hit the wall close to 200 mph, so how come F1 cars can’t take the Peraltada, which will likely be taken at 190?



    F1 cars aren’t designed to go around banked corners and as we saw in Valencia are far more likely to take off from a crash, and if that happened at the Peraltalda, they would probably land on the main road behind it!



    I know they aren’t “designed” to go around banked corners, but they are capable of doing it. Indycar has 1 chassis for Ovals and Roadcourses, and thats because it is possible for one to race on the other and vice versa. Not to mention the fact that F1 cars are better suited for it, since they generate more downforce. It would be safer to take an F1 car around Indy than it would be to take an Indycar around there, just because of the amount of downforce F1 cars generate, and the amount of mechanical grip they have. Indycars are designed for racing on ovals, but that doesn’t mean the chassis is made specifically for them. It means the aero package and design allows for close racing at speeds of 210+ MPH. F1 cars wouldn’t be doing that, they would just have to take the corner flat out once every lap. Indycars do it “4” times every lap, and; 1, crashes don’t always happen, and 2, when they do, the drivers are safe (That is unless they go into the catchfence).

    Taking off from a crash shouldn’t be a problem here, just because of how little space there is between the apex and the wall. There isn’t enough road for the cars to take off, unless they go over eachother. In that case, any turn is dangerous, because a car can climb over another car at any turn (and in any open wheel car). So this is a fast corner, but I don’t think this is something to be freaking out about, particularly not with todays safety.



    I would imagine and F1 car would have a fair amount of wing level for this track because of the very long esses section. So they wouldn’t be arriving at the Peraltalda with tea-tray wings and zero downforce.

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