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More Renault Branding on the RB6 in Brazil

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    Did anyone else spot the Renault Badges that have suddenly appeared on the nosecone of the RB6 and Vettel and Webber’s visors? (English fail..don’t judge me.)

    Renault (apart from being embroiled in a battle in which they are siding with Lotus in preventing Lotus from becoming Lotus) are obviously trying to cash in on the success that Red Bull have had over the last two seasons with their engines… despite the fact that Christian Horner takes every oppotunity to tell the world his engines develop the power of 3 harnessed children.



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    The extra branding was announced as a part of the new 2 year deal RBR have with Reno

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    Ah! Good to know, will it be there in Abu Dhabi too?

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    Hopefully it will be a more permanent and a little more prominent. Red Bull have done Renault a great disservice in moaning about their power deficit (which they ridiculously over-exaggerate) all year instead of bearing in mind its fuel efficiency has been a bonus to them and their engines have carried them to victory after victory (is it Renault’s fault Red Bull still haven’t learned to install the engine properly?).

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    Yeah, i thought that was new. Also worth mentioning are the new (quite obvious) Sky logos replacing the 7-11 pair near the intake areas of the sidepods. The 7-11 logos were only there for a few races

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    I spotted those, but I believe Keith put up an article on that one so I didn’t mention it…

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    Ned Flanders

    Well if Renault sell their stake in their factory team and become only an engine supplier, Red Bull will be their most important team

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    Apart from Team Lotus Renault and Lotus Racing Renault…

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    Thats right it follows their plan to pull out more (or fully) as a full team and just supply engines. I may be wrong but I believe renault have little to do with the currently operating renault f1 team, as such it would be a worthy target for any company wanting to brand a team.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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