Most dramatic changes in line-up

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    Inspired by another thread which I misunderstood the title of, this is a page to discuss the best/worst changes in teams’ line-ups through history. So any occasions when both drivers (maybe more than 2 if you want to look further back) were changed with a drastic improvement or reduction in quality.


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    I think you don’t have to look too far back to see at least one drastic improvement, like Super Aguri’s 2006 2nd driver merry-go-round that consisted of Yuji Ide, Franck Montagny and Sakon Yamamoto, then 2007 saw the arrival of Anthony Davidson.

    Or McLaren 1993 to 1994 would end up being the complete opposite – ending 1993 with Hakkinen and Senna, but in 1994 turning up in Hungary with Brundle – not a terrible driver, but also with Phillipe Alliot.


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    Hamilton and Alonso upped McLaren’s game considerably in 2007 compared to the Raikkonen-de la Rosa pairing in late 2006 (or the burnt-out Raikkonen, burnt-out Montoya pairing for that matter).


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    Interesting point about 2007 McLaren, although I wouldn’t so much say that Raikkonen was burnt out as the car that year was painfully average.

    Vanwall stepped up from 1956 to 1957, replacing Maurice Trintignant and Harry Schell as their 2 main drivers and replacing them with Moss and Brooks, who were a great pairing.


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    Nice topic. I’m racking my brains, but it’s 3 AM and I’m too tired to think of anything. Keep going though!


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    Jordan’s change in 2005 was pretty poor, and seemed to be signalling the end. Heidfeld was always solid, and Pantano had some promise and eventually won GP2. Karthikeyan and Monteiro were pretty dismal replacements.


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    The transition of Benetton’s lineup from 97 to 98 sticks out for me. Alesi/Berger to Wurz/Fisichella.


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    Ferrari’s move from Alesi/Berger to Schumacher/Irvine was somewhat drastic, considering they both did well despite poor cars. Can’t argue with signing Schumacher, though.


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    Lotus 2011: Petrov and Heidfeld
    Lotus 2012: Grosjean and Raikkonen.


    Force India 2013: Sutil and Diresta
    Force India 2014: Hulkenberg and Perez
    Without a single race in 2014, Most of us can assure this year’s line-up is better (even in WDC standings) than 2013’s.


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    Somewhat off topic, but it just struck me that in 1995, Alesi and Berger drove for Ferrari, then they both went to Benetton for 1996, maybe that could be the most dramatic change between teams while remaining as team mates!


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    2007 was the biggest shuffle within the grid in recent history.


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    Iestyn Davies


    F1 rookie (but F3 champion) Dave Walker getting 0 points, while his team mate, Emerson Fittipaldi, won the WDC title, in 1972, springs to mind. I think Ronnie Peterson replaced him for 1973 at Lotus, with both being front-runners.

    Jordan in 2005 were on their last legs and in full stage survival mode. McLaren did their usual off year in 2006, like with early 2004, early 2009, 2013, possibly 2002..

    I’m guessing it was my mammoth thread and OP, @matt90? That the thread title itself was two lines long probably put people off reading it… :P


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    @fastiesty No, it was ‘Best to worst line-ups’. I thought it was going to be like this thread rather than ranking the 2014 teams.


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    1955:Fangio, Moss
    2010: Schumacher, Rosberg. (Wow, the two people that have won the most championships both drove for a team called Mercedes!)

    Alternatively, Tyrrell:
    2009:Button, Barichello
    2010:Schumacher, Rosberg

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