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    Ruben’s record is pretty remarkable, but since there are more races on average in a season now than in previous years, is he also the driver who has completed the most seasons? What about the longevity record if you exclude missed seasons, ie the driver with the longest gap in time between first and last seasons? I’ve been looking for a list on the web but haven’t found anything. Can anyone help?



    Would that not be Schumacher? Spa was 20 years after his debut



    After Brazil, Barrichello will have completed 19 consecutive seasons, more than anyone else I believe. Schumacher will have done 18, Graham Hill did 18 also I believe. Schumacher I think does have the longest gap between first and last seasons.


    Keith Collantine

    is he also the driver who has completed the most seasons?

    Yes, see here:

    Barrichello to stay at Williams in 2011



    When we look at it, both Graham Hill and Rubens Barrichello have 19 seasons in successon, although only Barrichello has actually entered all races of all his seasons. Schumacher will have 19 at the end of the 2012 season which is why he will extend his contract.



    Graham Hill 18, I think. First season 1958 and last in 1975.



    Thanks for replies. Looks like it’s Rubens with the most completed seasons, and also the most seasons even if you count incomplete seasons, and MS with the longest elapsed period between first and last seasons.

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