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    Thought I’d let UK viewers know there’s a doc on Murray Walker this Sunday at 8pm. Enjoy!

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    Can’t wait for this :) Murray = Legend

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    Looking forward to this. I’ve heard it’s not going to be on iPlayer so either watch on Sunday or else!

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    Dan Thorn

    Saw it in the TV page yesterday, can’t wait! What with the MotoGP, BTCC and now this on it’s gonna be one hell of a sunday! I pity my girlfriend though…

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    Yeah, I think our partners are the ones who suffer. Some weekends there is F1, GP2, GP3, World Series, WTCC, Auto GP all in one weekend!

    I don’t watch all of those, but I would if I could face the ensuing arguments. ha

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    Oooh! If anyone finds somewhere I can download it afterwards, please let me know either here or on Twitter, please!

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    Why isn’t this available on iPlayer? :(

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    Here you go! http://youtu.be/0kYlxPME1FQ

    I suggest downloading it before they take it off!

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    It was a great watch – a great insight into a great man’s life.

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    It was a good watch. Not in the same calibre as the ones about Clark, Stewart or Hill though – but still good. My only criticism is that it didn’t really have much of a focus. To that extent it was a bit like it had been written by Murray as well as being about him. Enjoyable to watch though.

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    Thought it was a bit disappointing myself!

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    I liked it. I thought it was a great insight. It was great to see people old and young, British and not all displaying a level of respect for him.

    It was also good to see him in a tank giving a commentary on getting the thing going, brilliant!

    Oh, and the Pizza Hut ad with Damon Hill brought back memories!

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    I didn’t think ti wain the same league as the Clark, Hill and Stewart documentaries either but I thought it was very fitting for Walker. The ones with the drivers were superb because I wanted to know in depth what they achieved, how they did it and see footage from their experiences and how they felt. With Murray, I didn’t really want to know his timeline I just wanted to see more of his character, know a little bit about what makes him him and remember his Murrayisms so I couldn’t have asked for more.

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    Jake Humphrey sweared

    I’m finding it very difficult to get over that.

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