My on-track observations – FP1 & FP2 Australian GP

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    I was lucky enough to be invited to a corporate box situated on the inside of the track between turn 3 and 4.

    I noticed a couple of things after watching the entire FP1 & FP2 from this vantage point. Turn 4 was quite slippery on the exit, and some cars were better at dealing with than others.

    * Ferrari on the Prime Tyres were quite tail happy on the exit of Turn 4 throughout both prac sessions. On the Option tyres, the car was better, but ALO and MAS both had to take a wider entry.
    * Red Bull were just planted all day on Turn 4, they were by far the best car travelling over that section.
    * Mercedes looked quite good as well, but they both struggled to Apex the inside curb on the left hander on the Prime tyre.
    * McLaren looked like they were smooth, but obviously the lap times are just not there for them, so, despite the car looking like it runs on rails, it obviously isn’t quick about doing it. This didn’t matter whether they were on Options or Primes

    The temperature dropped quite dramatically after 5pm local time (1 hour left in FP2), and as such, I noticed that drivers were starting to make mistakes, Webber spun coming off the back straight, and a Caterham parked in front of me when he failed to complete Turn 3.

    Some of this is just incidental observations, but I’m happy to share and hope that others on the forum are interested in the information.

    I’ll be back at the track tomorrow, although, I doubt I will have much info to provide, as I’ll be on the pit straight.



    Really nice @dragoll! Have a nice time!!


    Stealth brag thread. :P

    Seriously though, I’m just envious. Have a good weekend!



    Thanks for the post, interesting to hear some first hand experiences.



    I was back at the track today for FP3 & Q3. It started out fantastic weather, but soon deteriorated, as I’m sure everyone realised from the TV footage.

    My own personal experience was about being rained upon waiting to do the pit walk. Had no umbrella, decided it was a good idea to buy a jacket after the pit walk to keep warm ;)

    From pit lane its hard to get a feel for how everyone is doing, you guys watching it on TV would have been more informed than us.

    Highlight for me today was to shake Sir Jackie Stewarts’ hand and have a brief chat. He’s such a remarkable man.

    I’ll be watching the rest of the qualy and race from home tomorrow, which looks like it might be a good thing with this weather about.

    Feel free to browse my photos that I’ve posted on facebook:


    Matt Clark

    Nice shots man, totally jealous of your pass!

    PS You’ve tagged Caterham as Lotus a few times.



    @mattc888 Nice pickup on the tags, was late last night when I was uploading them ;)

    Fixed them up now.

    PS Rosberg and Hamilton definitely have to do something about their helmets, the only way to tell them apart at the track is to see if you can see a grey square behind the Merc logo on Rosbergs’ helmet o.O


    Matt Clark

    Yeah I totally agree about their helmets, even on TV its hard to differentiate. Is that enough of an excuse to get an even bigger TV lol? And it’s not like Lewis didn’t have hundreds of color schemes to choose from, and Nico’s helmet has looked like that for years.



    Great photos man! That end cap on the Ferrari gantry or whatever it’s called is gorgeous.



    @abdurahman Thanks, I was trying something different with a friends camera and it came out beautifully :)

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